Thursday, 29 July 2010

I’m here for the 32

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, July 29, 2010 with 8 comments
Recently I sent out an email asking the people who train with me what kind of training they would like for the rest of this year.

I sent the email to 72 people. I received replies from 33. One of these cannot rejoin us until next year. 32 indicated they either would like some particular focus, or would tag along.

Good. I now have just 32 people to consider.

Although it may seem disappointing that 39 did not bother to reply, it is OK, it means in turn I won’t have to bother about them. I now have 32 people to consider, cater for, think about how the training is affecting them. Many of the 39 have been peripheral at best, and I don’t mind them turning up if and when they please, but they must know they will experience “random” training sessions. There is an overall pattern in the training cycle, which is carefully thought out, whether that appears to be the case or not. It helps if you turn up regularly.

I can concentrate on just the 32. In future then there will be some specific 800m training for the few who indicated they would like that. At the same time, some 3k/5k training will be available too. The majority who replied see themselves as long distance runners. I will have to have a think about that; a slightly different focus for long distance specialists might be appropriate: long distance specialists probably don’t need as much speed work as we have been doing in our interval sessions.

I’m here for the 32.


  1. Geez, the handicapper was hard on Heidi!! Group 25 to 39 and her km/min rate is equivalent to Group 32. It's a good thing your are here for 32 SG ;-).

  2. Thanks for being the 1 for the 32 Geoff.

  3. What a privileged 32 they are to have you coach them, speedygeoff. If I lived there, I'd consider myself lucky to be one of the 32!

  4. I'm one of the random, very infrequent attendees and didn't reply because I didn't want you to cater for a random, infrequent attendee such as me. Those of us who are so random and infrequent are happy to do whatever you are doing on the day for those who are not random and infrequent - ie, the reliable and frequent attendees. You do a great job. Focus on your core group and their running goals.

  5. No worries :) And a couple of others didn't reply because they were not too sure how to. It's all good, people can come and go and tag along as suits them, as I said it suits me too.

    So the main thing I am trying to report is: I plan to have a specific 800m program set up for those who want it. And I plan to cater better for the purely long distance runner.

  6. 14 groups! It's a good thing Heidi is a champion, then.

  7. LL - then you'd be part of the 33. :) Sorry Geoff, still waiting on the outcome of the decision from one man in Deakin to be handed down this Tuesday. Not long to go now, fingers crossed. :| x