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Last night's training: following the dissolution of the Australian Parliament at 5pm, where I had a front row seat and was deafened by the big guns, we met at Parliament House car park as usual, for one of our hill sessions. Because I wasn't very mobile, we used the "big hill" under which the big house sits (or for the next five weeks doesn't sit, if you like), and did random intervals on it for 25 minutes. By random I mean the distances varied randomly between about 50m and 150m. Participating were Brett, Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Emma, me, Helen, Jennifer, Jodie, Katherine, Mick C, Nadine, Neil, Richard & Ruth. Craig after an extra 8k warm-up, Katherine after racing Googong on Sunday, Richard after a long time missing from the group, Emma after too much time off, me after far too much time off.

The good news is I got in 8k of jogging without any real difficulties, and even a couple of goes up the hill while no-one was looking. Afterwards I have been OK except I did experience a rather savage calf cramp overnight - unrelated to the injury, I would think.

Our friend Kat Francis celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Kat!

Quick survey
I decided to consult training group participants to see what training they were planning over the next few months, so yesterday I sent an email out to my contact list of runners, requesting a response. Many have already replied. As a reminder, or if you weren't on the list, or if you'd like to join in, here's what I said in my email:

To all who have joined with us at least once over the last year or so: I am doing a short survey to see who will be training with us for the rest of the year, so I can determine what training sessions I should plan out.

In the recent past it’s been “one size fits all” but it makes more sense to cater more specifically for anyone who wants to train for specific events.

Recently I haven’t had time to provide more specific training, but if there is a demand I can make time. I am prepared to focus on three areas, 800m, 3k/5k, half marathon/marathon; provided there is an interest in each area. There would be a choice of training for some of our training days. For example starting in August, an 800m focus group would start doing different training from the other focus groups, in preparation for the track season.

Mark any and all statements that apply to you:

I intend joining (some) speedygeese training sessions during the rest of this year
I am interested in 800m training
I am interested in 3k/5k training
I am interested in long distance training
I am happy to just tag along with whatever training is available
I won’t be joining speedygeese training for now

Please return to speedygeoff@gmail.com with your name (if necessary) and comments.

I will be taking feedback for the next week or so, but already it looks as if we do have an 800m group happening in addition to what we do already.


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