Friday, 9 July 2010


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There was a minor panic in Brisbane a few weeks ago when I discovered I had left my newish heel inserts at home in Canberra. These I had just started wearing because my feet, heels in particular, were getting sore running, particularly when the run was long and on the road. For example, the Doomben Half Marathon that I was just about to run is long and is on the road, therefore heel protection would be pretty much essential! So off to a local chemist to see what they had available off the shelf. They had amongst other things "Dr Scholl’s Heel Pain Relief Orthotics"; which looked OK, sounded ideal, beggars can sometimes be choosers and I chose these.

They worked very well and I now use them all the time. Which proves, if you have written off a product line many years ago, it is sometimes worthwhile to have another look, in case new and improved products have emerged.

Cathy, Charlie (behind Cathy's cap)

Roger (behind Neville), Nadine

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  1. I'll investigate if I lose (or they wear out) the gel heel inserts I brought back from the States.