Saturday, 17 July 2010


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, July 17, 2010 with 4 comments
We - the Crows - are up now to 9th, after starting the season 0-6, having beaten the premiers Geelong last night. Now we await just ONE team above us to slip up.

Me - the speedycoach - has now been idle for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Looks as if I too will have a giant mountain to conquer if I am to get back to recent form (e.g. 20:30 for 5k) in the next twelve months. Let alone improve to where I should be (e.g. 18:30 for 5k). It is very tedious not being able to run for 14 days, it is looking more and more likely that I will disobey orders and start running again soon.

It is also looking like great weather for the Googong Half Marathon tomorrow. The sun is shining again!

We - some speedygeese, not me - had a great holiday at the Gold Coast, with the small detail of a road race over 10k, 21k, or 42k happening as well. There are some great photos of the speedygeese up on Facebook, taken after the marathon. Here's a good one of all the crowd!

Elizabeth Bennett
Ewen Thompson
Andy Matthews
Ruth Baussmann
Roger Pilkington
Heidi Johnston

Go the Geese!


  1. Great photo - just wish we'd had it taken while the meals were on the table ;)

    Victorious Crows explains Mick's glumness at coffee this morning.

  2. Both Mick H & Michael T are Cats supporters. I dared not mention the footy today. Surely the Crows won't make the finals ?

  3. On the contrary; that was the grand final preview.

  4. It looks like Ewen and Andy are butting heads ..... a prequel for recent sprinting action in the TDF?