Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I M A G I N (G)

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Training last night at Parliament House: Early runners (8k) were Miranda, Ewen, Craig & I; (4k) Ruth & Jennifer. Then we joined Brett, Bronwyn, Emma, Helen, Jodie, Joel, Leanne, Nadine, Neil & Yelena for our hill session; 15 x 100m up hill on a leisurely 2 minutes. I managed all but 2 or 3 of the hills at a jog but the hammy is not the best. It was relatively chilly but as usual we soon warmed up.

Euphoria’s Abomination
Here's something (allegedly) found on Google Earth: Google may have already demolished it by now though.
“‘Euphoria’s Abomination’ is a 145m office building built over the site of the historic Melbourne building. The construction was allowed as the result of an accountancy error, which was realised only after the heritage listed 1930s retail building had been bulldozed and not amended until excavation was well under way, too late to save the historic landmark. As way of compensation to the people of Canberra, the ground and first floors have been painted to resemble the original building. The height limit violation issue was easily resolved by raising the Parliament House flagpole 300m”

Happy Birthday Loani, 38 today

Imagine: Loani's T-shirt appears to say "I'm Aging". Must be true; this photo was taken Easter 2008.


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