Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Great Barefoot Running Debate

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, July 22, 2010 with 4 comments
Hi all, I am soon to write an article on barefoot running, deadline 14 August, spelling out the pros and cons. So here's an offer for you the reader: tell me your barefoot running experience, and I may include your comment in the article.


  1. The first thing about barefoot running is: it feels great. When people are reluctant to try it, i say, Just run 100m down and back on the grass, it will feel great. They do that and come back and say, That felt great!
    The second thing is, it shows you *how you should be running.* That is, midfoot striking, shorter strides, heels flicking back, and lightly, lightly. So do some 100m strides after (or before) a workout, and then—remember that feeling!
    I find that running on a track is also no problem - up to a few 400s or 800s. I'm sure I could do more if I did it more regularly and toughened up my feet.
    I think that besides improving your form it also strengthens your feet and legs, so actually the more you do, the better.

  2. As Bob said, it does feel great, especially on grass.

    I did a lot of barefoot running in the 'old days' - less now, as running in my worn out old Frees feels pretty much the same as running barefoot.

    Pros would be using all the foot muscles when running and the light weight - lighter than the lightest racing flats. I ran my 1500 and 3000 PBs barefoot. My best recent 5k at Stromlo was also barefoot.

  3. Little to no experience with it SG but interested to see what you write.

    That guy in the photo must have put his sandals on in the dark ;)

  4. Scott, he must be a native American. An Aussie would have fixed his broken sandals with fencing wire.

    Jack Daniels on barefoot running.