Saturday, 24 July 2010


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Members and all runners are reminded that this weekend events are: Midday 2k, 12:15pm 5k and 1:00pm 10k Runners Shop Fun Run. All events are free to members and for none members the costs are $4 for juniors and $6 for seniors. All three events start and finish on the beach area at East Basin near the Boathouse Restaurant. The 2k is 1k out and back towards and under Kings Avenue Bridge. The 5k is 2.5k out towards airport or East along the lake and river foreshores turning just after going under the bridge, which is the Monaro Highway. The 10k is 3k out towards the airport as for the 5k, but going out 500m further and turning around almost opposite the boat launching ramp for skiers on the Molonglo River. Runners then turn and head back to the finish line crossing same at 6k before under taking a further 2k out and back West along the lake foreshore and turn near the red gravelled area at Rond Terraces. The second 4k is changed from last year now that the RG Menzies Walk has been completed. This means we will run on the RG Menzies Walk rather than on Wendouree Drive like last year. These events are good hit outs for those aim to run well in either of the Canberra Times Fun Run or the ACT Veterans Half Marathon. A chance for you to find out what you need to do to race well in those events. Ken Eynon ACTCCC Committee.

Recent Results
Customs 5k 9/7

Yili Zhu
Colleen Koh 23:37
Bronwyn Calver 23:39

High Noon Meet 3k 11/7
Katie Forestier
Michelle Wells 11:33.84
Amanda Walker 12:26.19

BBQ Stakes 6k 14/7
Gary Bowen
Roger Pilkington 29:32
(Kerrie Tanner 31:12 on the come back trail)

Customs 5k 16/7
Jennifer Bright


  1. Any word on the Canberra marathon dispute? They had Cundy and ACTCCC on the ABC this am, but I was out running so missed the outcome.

  2. If what is in the Canberra Times this morning is true, we're stuffed. I will have more to say when I receive official word of what is going on.