Sunday, 11 July 2010


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I'm back home after a week away and consequentially have yet another backlog of tasks, including getting started on some treatment on the hamstring that broke eight days ago. Today the urgent tasks are to write a newsletter, do more work on the new Vets calendar, and restore some software I inadvisedly deleted from my computer. Tomorrow I must start on my tax, organise training sessions for Mondays and Thursdays, make a booking with my physio, and get to training to see if I can run still after doing none for a week. Tuesday I should make sure the newsletter is finished and sent off, check what new Vets membership cards need preparing and arrange for that, and figure out an agenda for next week's MSSC meeting. Wednesday is probably a catch up and rehabilitation day and by Thursday I should be drafting a survey for club members about track championships dates unless someone tells me its priority is less than urgent. Then by Friday I should be drafting a survey for the speedygeese to determine what events they want to focus on from August onwards, with the goal of establishing small core groups who have firm commitments to each of three areas: 800m, 3k/5k, long distance. There is much much more on my to do list, so as usual I will probably get behind on some of these things. Such is the consequence of "taking a holiday" but holidays are essential. Good thing I don't work!

All this activity is normal. There's just a teeny weeny backlog, that's all.

BBQ Stakes last Wednesday: Gary Bowen ran 25:28

ACTVAC CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 W35 8k Gold: Michelle Wells. W40 8k Gold: Katie Forestier. W50 8k Gold: Kathy Southgate.

Kayleigh’s results: My granddaughter has been in Perth competing in gymnastics. The NSW IDP6 team came 2nd in the team event. She finished 19th overall in the individual competition out of 27 competitors. Her highest ranking was on Floor, she place 8th. Kayleigh will be in Perth until Wednesday at the coaching clinic (with Australia's top coaches) and return home some time Thursday morning. She sounds like she's had a great time so far. We are very proud of her.

Late mail
“Attention: Sir this massage may come as a surprise…”
No, sorry, it doesn’t. You're just some common spam. Consider yourself deleted unread.


  1. I sympathise with your backlog, but holidays ARE essential. Wish I didn't work! Will try and make 4.30, if not, 5.30 Monday.

  2. And after a holiday, take it easily for a couple of weeks until you are up to speed at work.