Monday, 19 July 2010


Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, July 19, 2010 with 4 comments
I will run Monday, Thursday & Saturday this week IF I don't get sore.

Googong Half Marathon
26. Kelley Flood W45 1:51:03
28. Kylie Malone W35 1:52:26
33. Mick Horan M50 1:55:52
36. Warrick Howieson M40 1:56:55
40. Bronia Rowe 1:59:19 5:39
47. Janene Kingston W45 2:08:19
48. Katherine Sheppard W35 2:09:00
57. Ken White M55 2:25:17
62 finishers
plus, there were five relay teams of two. Altogether, that's a big turn-out!

What's on this week:
Monday 19 July
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Wednesday 21 July: 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Wednesday 21 July: 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, about 12k
Thursday 22 July: Dickson 4:00pm long run; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Friday 23 July: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88
Saturday 24 July: 1:00pm ACTCCC Rnners Shop 10k, Menindee Drive Parkes
Sunday 25 July: 9:00am ACTVAC monthly handicap, Blewitts Pines

At this stage rain isn't forecast for Thursday so we should be OK. And Monday, if it rains, is never cancelled!

Heidi, Ruth & Ewen. And the ocean.


  1. Ah me, that glorious Gold Coast weather - take me back!!

  2. Must have been another KW otherwise the big A has really kicked in :-)

  3. Or: went off course? That was my theory when I saw the time...

  4. I'd claim it if it was sub 90 lol :-)