Saturday, 10 July 2010


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, July 10, 2010 with 4 comments
Things I can’t stand
I am a tolerant person but there are still some things I cannot stand. I try, I really try, not to show it. I try to go with the flow. But sometimes, like now, it gets all too much.
(1) Victim mentality. The blame game “everyone and everything else is the cause of my problems”.
(2) Narrow mindedness. “What I know is right, there is no room for anyone else’s ideas”.
(3) Fuzzy thinking. “Of course you only need ten mile posts to measure out ten miles, isn’t it obvious?”
(4) Tall poppy syndrome. “This person is in power, so we are going to attack every little thing about them”.
(5) Law breakers. “Everyone else drives over the speed limit, runs red lights, cuts people off when merging, tailgates; I can too”.
(6) Selfishness. “People can do what they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with me doing what I want.”
(7) Rights. “It is my right to behave how I like, regardless of your opinion of that”.
(8) Dumb newspapers or television stations pushing their agendas over and over and over again in a cynical attempt to sway public opinion, like so called "Harm Minimisation", like "Revenue Raising Speed Cameras", and there are plenty of other examples. The most annoying thing is they often succeed.
(9) Blind loyalty. “My cause/political party/sporting team, right or wrong.”

(10) Weetbix with cold milk.
Anyway, now that it’s out of my system, "whatever". See you soon!





  1. Does this, his photo under #10 on that list, mean that you can't stand Ewen ;) ?

  2. I assure everyone, especially Ewen, that it has all been comparatively random for the last few days.

  3. Good one Scott. I think it means he can't stand people who stop their watches at the finish of races. By the way, I like them to stop their watches after the finish-line photo has been taken ;)

    And Weetbix with cold milk ain't too bad - as long as there's sugar on it.

  4. I have weetbix with cold milk everyday. Great stuff!