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I didn't get to the Spring Series race last night, Jenny and I were invited out to dinner. I must say the last two nights have been as warm as I remember; if it is no warmer when summer comes, it will still be one of those years when we say how difficult it has been training for the Canberra marathon through a worse than average Canberra Summer. I think my best Canberra marathons were after a mild summer, when I could more comfortably complete the long distance training required. So don't expect my form next April to be very good, should I decide to run.

Climate Change
Watched the massive storm clouds move into Canberra - and out again - last night on the BOM website map. No rain, again. Today the BOM are predicting "possible heavy rain" rather than the "possible showers" so popular this year. I wish we would get some real rain, like the good old days, instead of "possible" rain.

Qualifications versus experience
Changing the subject, if experience were the only criterion we used to judge whether an athlete should be selected in a team, or a leader should merit following, we would soon be left with tired old leaders who had run out of ideas, and athletic teams whose members were just marking time. I am attracted to the spark and energy of a bright young person who likes to see everything freshened up and renewed, don't you? The cricket team sub who thrills with impossible catches and slick run-outs; the athletics team member who doesn't just challenge the status quo but doesn't even know what the status quo is? The leader who starts out as an idealist, with a mix of truth and compassion, rather than a mix of truth and deception. Renewal is good.

Contentment versus complacency
We have brains for a reason. Discernment is a good thing. Dare I use the word, we are supposed to discriminate. Let's make our choices make sense.

Isn't it interesting that many "wise" old observers of athletics will say that the hero of yesterday was better than the hero of today. I think this is true in one sense: I think there were fewer heroes then so they stood out more! I think this is false in another sense - there are many heroes now, we can all qualify. Don't underestimate what you are capable of, and in particular, never rely on other peoples' approval or disapproval to control how you feel about what you do. Many of you are heroes; just because you don't stand out enough to be acknowledged means nothing.

Thursday night's track events will be:
6:00 1500m Walk (PH)
6.15 100m (B)
6.30 800m
6.50 200m (D), 200m (scratch)
7.10 4x400m Relay
7.30 10,000m
I plan to lap score for Ewen and Strewth in the 10,000m.... I will be optimistic and take serious wet weather gear.

Ironic really - I am a champion of handing over the reins to the next generation, but I work hard in Veterans Athletics circles. More on this soon!

What's good...

...for the geese ... The last monthly handicap will be on this Sunday, many of us are taking our turn officiating rather than running... Christmas is coming... standing around in the shade sounds appealing... on Sunday it will be with food in hand... and we will be saying farewell to Sonia, one of our very fastest newest goslings, who is moving to Melbourne.

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  1. Take your binoculars and you can lap-score from the rain-free back seat of the grandstand. Strewth is the blonde and I'm the tall.

    I want a 24-lap 10,000 and Strewth said she's stopping when Gandalf says 10k.