Tuesday, 18 September 2007

In a bunch, in a bunch.

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 with 7 comments

Monday Night at Parliament House saw sore Fun Runners consolidate their aches by running four intervals over 730m with a 350m jog recovery in teams of two. It is nearly light enough by the end of the session at 6:30pm to still see. If only daylight saving were to start early; I think it starts on 28 October this year, but everyone disagrees with me. I think it ends on 6 April next year, one week later than it used to, and I think it starts on the first Sunday in October next year, not this. But because everyone else thinks it starts early this year, I need someone who really knows, to tell me the correct dates. I will be very happy to say "I was wrong"!

Running last night were Alan, Cathy, Charmaine, Christopher, Colin, Emma, Ewen, me, Helen, Joel, Kathy, Katie, Kelley, Ken, Neil, Rachelle, Ruth, Sonia, and Yelena. Welcome new starter Kelley, our first PCRG ("Pat Carroll Running Group") recruit!

Peter's return to racing

Peter Hogan running the half marathon recently.

Peter's the one with the hat and the chest number. He ran in Sunday's CTFR, and seemed to be going quite well.


  1. daylight savings DOES start on 28 October this year and end on 6 April and it DOES start earlier next year (5 October)...

  2. Thanks AR, I was sure there would be at least one other calendar conscious person out there..

  3. Google is your friend:

  4. I'm glad our Kelley found you! She emailed me last night to say she'd been running with your group and that she enjoyed it very much.

  5. Kelley knows Tesso! Wow, she's famous! I'll pass on a punch in the guts for you next week ;)

  6. Allrounder is correct about Daylight Saving for this year.The bill for next year to change to early October was to be tabled this month in parliament, so it isn't set quite yet.

  7. Good, that completes the picture. The bill's passing for next year is expected to be routine, I guess, let's hope it remains so. Elections had better not change anything? VOTE 1 DAYLIGHT SAVING!