Thursday, 20 September 2007

Canberra Times Fun Run Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, September 20, 2007 with 3 comments
Team Results: The three Speedy Geese teams, Speedy Chicks, Silly Geese, and Slow Geese, won easily their age categories.

Individual Results: with Wild Geese (those currently flying) in red, and Domestic Geese (those who have flown with us in the past and may yet return to the formation) in purple, and Ducks (friends of the geese, or "just because") in blue:

58Kathy Southgate38.21W50-59 first
97Peter Cullen40.05
107Richard Faulks40.26
119John Kennedy40.43
143John Morton41.25
149Christine Pauling41.35
154Ken White41.44
160Emma Adams41.51
171David Webster42.08
173Geoff Moore42.12
179Katie Forestier42.19
206Sonia Veldhoven43.00
216Maria O’Reilly43.14
223Helen Larmour43.22
235Jim White43.33
238Bob Harlow43.38M60-69 first
260Gary Bowen44.08
280Debbie Cowell44.31
285Michelle Wells44.35
299Mark Kethro44.49
325Kerrie Tanner45.16
351Ewen Thompson45.43
514Tony Booth47.50
515Peter McDonald47.50
518Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee47.52
540David Baussmann48.11
564Robert de Castella48.29
590Keith Bradley48.45
608Kathy Sims48.59
614Geoff Barker49.02
640Gabrielle Brown49.15
641Adam Robinson49.15
651Barbara Williams49.31W60-69 first
678Rae Palmer49.51
717Roy Jones50.27
721Caroline Campbell50.29
747Mary Ann Busteed50.47
788Diana Schneider51.16
789Christopher Lang51.17
791Sarah Pau51.18
822Cathy Montalto51.40
869Peter Hogan52.09
873Cate Winning52.11
...Geoff Sims52.20
886Vanessa Palmer52.30
892Michael Thomson52.33
981Michael Freer53.43
1037Ruth Baussmann54.31
1097Clare Gunning55.14
1117Margaret McSpadden55.31
1148Doug Fry55.56
1213Graeme Small56.42
1256Maureen Rossiter57.27
1272Barbara Tucker57.40
1480Michael Roche61.22

I will have missed some people - so in particular if you the reader ran and are missing, but also if your close friend/ running mate/ child/ grandchild etc. ran, I want to add their name too. Or anyone else you think I might like to add.

As far as I can tell, the timing chips were a great success.

Congratulations to all who ran (2230 official finishers in the 10k, 1729 in the 5k "walk", and many more late entrants not included in the results). See you next year!


  1. Hey, I was robbed! Your glasses are fogged up from flying so high and fast. 45:43 chip time thanks. 12 seconds to cross the starting line.

    The beige bombshell, Ian Warden - 68:33, should be good for a few hits :)

  2. Yes, of all the talented people I mention, only Kathy Southgate gives me heaps of hits, perhaps Deek will add a few more. Only a couple of others ever did, notably Jennifer Amyx. Certainly Ewen never does!

  3. Perhaps because Kathy is not exactly a spring gosling yet she races in the Australian CC Championships?

    Yes! A few more hits from people searching for "How slow is Deek these days" ;)