Sunday, 30 April 2006

Bowen's Back

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, April 30, 2006 with 4 comments

Bowen's back and running again today. Now to see him getting back into training and building winter fitness, and getting his pc back working so he can resume blogging.

The green shoes go well.

Certain geese out-ran him today.

Quote of the week "Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not. When you race him, he will win." - Tom Fleming

Good to see a few other people at today's 5k/10k handicap I haven't seen for a while.

funny cartoon eh?

footnote - just watched St Kilda v Fremantle, which the umpires contrived to make a draw. If the AFL don't award the match to Fremantle, the AFL will be judged incompetent as well. I hope we don't have those umpires at a Crows match!


  1. I didn't realise you were a crows fan. I'm not a huge footy follower, but the crows are my team too. Partly because they were the first AFL team in Adelaide, and partly because they are not Port Adelaide. How did you come to be a crow fan?

  2. I came from from Adelaide originally. At Thebarton Primary school in the 1950's we loved to hate Port. Was always a West Torrens supporter back then, and also supported the Cats in the VFL from about 1962 until the Crows came into being. I moved to Canberra in 1969. Can't get the hang of the varieties of Rugby many people like over here, and never will I guess.

  3. Nice shot of Gary, Geoff. I wasn't at the Vets handicap today but am keen to get to the next one. My problem I think is that I am trying to do everything, run everything, read everything, and catch-up wtih every one. And then there's my family and that other guy called 'rest'.

  4. Phantom Sharleen14 May, 2006

    Dearest Geoff,Just saw the beautiful picture of Sharlene!I must say my tank wasn't very full today (Sunday 14th May!!)Hopefully I can fill it up before I see you running again.Love the photo!!