Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ginninderra Creek

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I had some dental work at Kippax yesterday so didn't run early; it was warm at 11:30am and after seeing the dentist I ran only 5k. This was from Kippax and along the Ginninderra Creek corridor in search of shade, heading towards Macgregor. I often run around this area but not this exact course.

A couple of observations.

Suburban Macgregor. Living looks pleasant at the western end of the suburb. There is a house for sale fairly close to the creek near where I turned. I wouldn't mind living there!

Vertigo. Up until a year ago I had terrible vertigo. I would avoid footbridges for example. However I ran across the footbridge at Macgregor Primary, where in the last 30 years I would not have set one foot on it. My vertigo has 100% disappeared. This bodes well for returning to try out mountain running again!

Global warming. Summer heat is going to be terrible in 2015-16. I must drink more water. It has not been my habit to drink plain water. This must change. And drinking plenty of water instead of sweet drinks may help reduce the amount of dental work needed in the future, which can only be good.

My 5k run on 16 December


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