Tuesday, 13 October 2015

speedygeese racing and training

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 with 2 comments
My Plan A is to return to racing and training from Thursday this week, by attending the track meet at Woden on the 15th and running in as many races as the old body can handle.
The kind of pattern I am looking at is as follows.

Mondays Parliament House main training session with the larger speedygeese group.
Tuesdays a long run, probably at Stromlo Forest Park.
Wednesdays an easy recovery run.
Thursdays track races or time trials or tempo runs.
Fridays an easy recovery run.
Saturdays a parkrun somewhere, trying to work towards that sub 20 minute goal.
Sundays a long run, probably from Stromlo Forest Park.

See you at one or more of these in the very near future?
I will do gym sessions Mondays; Wednesdays if not racing Thursday; Fridays if not racing Saturday.
Hoping injuries stay away. Another scenario:

If you are looking for racing and training summaries, there is a bit of a backlog, all will appear next week!

As I type this post (in advance before I go away) Andrew, Colin, Dave and Jen have cracked the 20 minutes for 5000m (and Sarah-Jayne when she was running with us); Thommo, Pieta, Julia, myself are not that far off (and there may be others wanting to get there: Bronwyn? Isaac? Susan? Warrick? Ewen?) So this pattern is one to work towards that will help us achieve it. Will 2016 be the year of breakthrough?


  1. Thanks Geoff. It'll be good to see you back. I want to get to 22 minutes, not 20!

  2. I'm with Ewen, I'd be happy to get back under 22....