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See Where We Went, 24 May 2014 - Southampton to Portsmouth

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This is the last of the "See Where we Went" series. All stories have now been published. For the full set - .
If only we had more time, to explore all these places! But we had a strict ship departure time, so we had to zoom along.

The morning of the 24th May 2014 we walked from our motel room down to the docks to see what was there. Several very large cruise ships - much larger than the one we would be sailing on - were in harbour.

So we went in close...

Then we left our motel and walked to the station in Southampton to catch a train to Portsmouth, not far away.

Arriving in Portsmouth we took a taxi straight to one of the very many Portsmouth ship termini where we waited to board our little cruise ship for the next eleven days' trip. We hadn't seen much of Portsmouth - or of Southampton, for that matter.

And we boarded our ship.

Here we go!

Our cabin. Wow!

And off we go!

Many other ships af all kinds in Portsmouth harbour

Leaving land ... smooth sailing it was, despite slightly stormy looking skies..

And around the Isle of Wight and off to the west we go.

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The End.


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