Wednesday, 28 October 2015

It's more fun running with company

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Speedygeese training:
Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park Andrew
was there; others were at the Vets handicap event. I shall rejoin him next week.

Monday at Parliament House: I ran early; an easy 6k which I run each week usually with company. Then we enjoyed a short intense relay session (3 person teams for 14 minutes; 2 person teams for 12+). Training were Alex, Andrew, Andy, Bron, Caroline, Cathy, Colin, Diana, Dom, Garry, me, Julia, Ruth & Warrick. And Christopher was there doing a walking recovery from Sunday’s race.

This was followed by a meal at the Yacht Club; Dave turned up in addition to my Jenny, plus many who had trained earlier, Bron, Dom, Andy, Warrick, Gary, Caroline, Christopher, Ruth and myself. It was warm enough to be seated outside... that is, until the cold change blew in.

Our next dinner will be a Christmas function on 7 December, replacing training that night. Venue tba.


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