Thursday, 9 March 2017

YCRC News: Canberra Half Marathon

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YMCA Canberra Half Marathon – Saturday/Sunday 27/28th May.
The half marathon will be held on Sunday 28th May commencing at 8am from Lennox Gardens.  Entries are now open and the link is
On the Saturday we will have a 1.6k Mini Jog for young children and a 5k Fun Run.  More details on these events later in the year.  Entries for the 5k and Mini Jog are taken on the day (Saturday afternoon 27th May).  Please note all finishers in the Mini Jog will receive a medal.

Half Marathon Training Group.   This group commenced on 25th Feb, and it is still not too late to join in.   If you have basic fitness and you want to run a half marathon then join this group. The group meets three times a week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6.30am at Lennox Gardens and at 7am on Saturday at various locations.  To register for the training group go to    on completion of the YMCA Canberra Half Marathon this group continues as the TTS Training Group.  This group meets on Tuesday and Thursday at Lennox Gardens (behind the Hyatt) at 6.30am and on Saturday around the ACT at 7am.  Turn up on a Tuesday or Thursday for more informationIF YOU CAN DISTRIBUTE FLYERS OF PLACE FLYERS IN YOUR WORK PLACE please let [the YCRC] know.


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