Wednesday, 15 March 2017

this week's speedygeese training

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Thursday 9 March at Parliament House we ran Rose Garden 200s: Jen, Isaac, Giles, Sandeep running 12 on 2:30; Jennie, Steph 10 on 3:00; me supervising.

On Sunday 12 March at Stromlo Forest Park Andrew and I trained on the grass track as usual, while elsewhere the distance group report follows [thanks Dave]:
Every Sunday morning has been perfect for running at this time of year. Today’s Speedy Geese long run saw 8 starters, with 4 doing the 14k short course (Ewen, Susan, Bron, and Isaac) and 4 doing the 24k long course (Mhairi, Jen, Sandeep and me [Dave]). The long course was actually supposed to be 22k but we missed a turnoff that I didn’t know we were supposed to be looking for – the benefits of old age ;-). Sandeep and Dave did a warmup on the grass track, with Sandeep doing a total of 34k and looking strong at the end, and Dave added a lap of the short course to total 44k at 5:09 pace (happy with that). The practice run with Jen on Wednesday proved fruitful and we adjusted the course to avoid the bull and the construction sites and fences, although we still had a few surprises along the way, including cows that acted like bulls and an entire field covered completely in cow poo. Stromlo cafĂ© had the pleasure of our company for the usual post run banter, although I was a bit miffed when they locked the door while we sat outside on the balcony… something to do with the wind apparently (not Jen’s). I thought maybe it was what was on the soles of our shoes.

Monday 13 March Parliament House Dave and Sandeep ran around in the distance, recovering from their Sunday by doing more of the same; I supervised; running Parliament House Rose Garden relays were Andrew, Garry, Colin; Ruth, Jennie, Jessica; Warrick, Andy, Ewen; and Tom.

Our group dinner after Monday training will be at Snapper: next Monday, 20 March.

Sunday runners ready for action


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