Wednesday, 31 August 2016

speedygeese training

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Spring is nearly here! Numbers will increase again at training I am certain.
There is safety in numbers, especially when one swooping magpie is encountered.

Unless you are the tallest in the group?

On Thursday 25 August Liz (new), Jen, and I trained at Parliament House: 4 x 600m with 300m recovery.

On Sunday it was just me at Stromlo and a mighty slow shuffle it was too

And on Monday at Parliament House again Ewen and I ran early, and for the main session we did an indefinite number of random hills enjoyed by Andrew, Colin, Ewen, me, Isaac, Jen, Pieta, Rae, Ruth, and Sandeep. Christopher was sighted but he seems to have missed the whole session. we finished with attrition uphill sprints won by a very speedy Isaac.

Next time - new sessions for September as the racing season approaches.


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