Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How we trained in the last week

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It has been hot, dry, earlier than usual this summer, and we cut back our Monday training session as a result. The Sunday mornings haven't been too bad. One annoying thing is the number of flies, pesky little things. I guess it means we are reluctant to stand around between efforts. One encouraging thing is the number of people participating in our various running activities each day. There is no shortage of people in Canberra staying fit and healthy by getting out and about and moving.

On Sunday 6th December at Stromlo Andrew, Dave, Thommo and I had an easy session, some ran km intervals. Sunday 13th at Stromlo Bron, Dave and I ran for an hour. Monday 14th at Parliament House Ewen and I ran 6k early in the shade mostly, then running 8 x Rose Garden 200m on 3 minutes were Alex, Andy, Caroline, Colin, Dave, Diana, Isaac, Jen, Pieta and Ruth.

I ended up totalling 17k on Monday this week, then 10k on Tuesday 15th at a good pace, Here is a pic of my Tuesday run's altitude to show that when I run from home there are some small hill options. It also shows one of the many benefits of training in Canberra: we are well above sea level. No sea breeze though.

Home is at 600m; the highest point is the south end of Hawker.


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