Tuesday, 8 November 2011


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Last night at Parliament House: I ran early, then joined the main bunch for 12 x 200m with a 100m jog on a west side circuit, broken up into four segments because of the sultry conditions. Training were Abi, Andy, Bronwyn, Colin, Craig, me, Lucia, Neil, Ruth, Warrick & Yelena. In the next couple of weeks if it is not too hot a few more will come out and we can set up some relays again.

Fargher lager

The pub we visited at Parachilna during our October travels up north in South Australia is run by some of Abi's relatives. They sell beer brewed in the Fargher name. One better than marrying into a family who owns their own pub, is to marry into a family who brews their own beer. I sampled the beer and souvenired the empty bottle. Note the Isle of Man symbol on the label; telling us where the family originated.

Song of the week: "Heartbeat", by The Fray. “We got to keep on running 'til we see the sun…”


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  1. Jealous! Wish you'd brought back a slab.