Monday, 7 November 2011

big apple

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Coming Events Week 45 of 2011:

Mon 7 Nov4:30pm*Parliament House 8k jog
5:30pm*Parliament House speedygeese training
Tue 8 Nov6:15pm*YCRC Spring Series 5k Weston Park
Wed 9 Nov12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 10 Nov6:00pm*ACTVAC Track
Fri 11 Nov12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 12 Nov 8:00am*Metro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
Sun 13 Nov8:00am*Stromlo Forest Park run
+AMRA Deep Space Marathon
+Melbourne City to Sea

*=events I expect to attend.

Michelle Wells New York Marathon 3:28.52

Who are these speedygeese?
I keep 100 names on my current speedygeese list. When new people join I usually drop someone else off the list to keep it to 100: someone who came along once or twice for example but hasn't seen seen since. I have just done a check and 50 of the 100 on the speedygeese contact list have been along to training this year, and 50 haven't for many and varied reasons. I do encourage weekly attendance; obviously consistency in training is important, I also emphasise that runners may come along to training sessions whenever they would like to. In fact it is good that there are many running groups and running opportunities around Canberra, there is a lot of choice. We speedygeese like training together when we are able to. But we are found all over the ACT doing all kinds of training and competing. If you're a "speedygoose" and haven't been along for a while, please drop in to our Monday training session sometime and say hello. We'd like to catch up and find out how you're doing and what your plans are.

New runners welcome! We meet in the underground car park at Australia's Parliament House Canberra, 5:30pm every Monday.


  1. Hi
    I'm visiting Melbourne Uni and wonder if there's a similar thing to the speedygeese in Melbourne?

  2. There is certain to be: I have asked two of the speedygeese who lived in Melbourne not too long ago about their training group there: answer coming soon!

  3. Go Michelle! Great photo!

  4. Lovely photo of Michelle. What a fantastic time she ran:)

  5. Hi pernille

    There's loads of running groups around Melbourne. If you're staying at the university, there is a track, so lots of runners there. You also have good access to princess part that is ringed by a bike path of about 2.7k (maybe a little more).

    In Melbourne itself the Mecca of running is the tan track on the south side if the river, about 3k from the uni and about a 4k loop. You will find runners out at all hours.

    There are a lot of lunch time groups that leave from the city. I can pass on details of a couple, if that's the kind of time u can run, some do sessions very similar to speedy geese, hard runs, runners of all standards. Alternatively you could explore groups at the uni or perhaps the City Baths, just down the road.



  6. Thanks Andrew. "Princes Park" I guess you meant...

  7. An unforgivable mistake for a carlton supporter!

  8. Thanks Andrew, and Speedy for letting me abuse his blog :-).
    At the moment I run short distances in my lunch break (native circle in royal park as we’re a bit off campus on Flemington Rd), and longer distances on some of the bike tracks along the creeks. I’d love to have the choice of running in a group now and again so please do pass on the details. I am incredible slow though. Which is one of the reasons I’d like company on the trail. Pride might just help me improve my speed work if I don’t run alone.
    (PS is Princes Park a part of Royal Park?)

  9. If I remember correctly, Princes Park is on the opposite side of Royal Parade from Royal Park? Anyway, it's on the eastern side. It's where Carlton football club is located (or was; it has been a long time since I visited Melbourne).

    "The tan" (around the botanic gardens) is the most popular running spot and many groups train there as well as lunch time runners etc jogging around there.

    For a flatter run the 5k loop around Lake Albert (have I got the name right?) is also popular I imagine.

    Groups like mine, I really don't know. I can recommend the Midday Milers for example ( but they may be faster than you would like.

  10. Oh I do like the speed of the midday milers. There's just 20 Kg and probably as many years between my body and 10 K in 44 minutes.
    I've no problem finding running tracks around Melbourne (Merri creek's my absolute favorite for longer runs, it never fails in putting an oversized smile on my face). I owe my self to take a look at The tan as well, though.
    Thanks for the info and a blog I really enjoy.