Thursday, 18 August 2011

City to Surf results

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 18, 2011 with 4 comments
Net times for speedygeese and friends who ran in the 2011 City to Surf.
Martin Dent 41.39 3rd
Emily Brichacek 47.59 2nd F
Bruce Graham 48.38 5th M40-49
Keith Bateman 48.43 1st M50-59
Jim Dawes 50.06
Lance Purdon 56.16
Jodie Barker 56.24
Richard Faulks 58.55
Jen Lee 61.56
David Webster 62.50
Bob Harlow 62.53 5th M60-69
Craig Davis 63.25
Fiona Hedgecoe 63.37
Charlie McCormack 65.34
Elle Knight 66.07
Warrick Howieson 66.54
Kelley Flood 67.29
Carol Masters 67.59
Bronia Rowe 68.54
Yili Zhu 69.08
Lynda van Dyke 70.15  
David Baussmann 71.17
Greg Polson 73.35
Jim White 74.29
Alison Sims 74.30
Jess Faulks 74.45
Alan Towill 75.24
Adam Robinson 75.47
Katherine Sheppard 76.03
Kathy Sims 76.11 8th W60-69
Roy Jones 77.22
Rae Palmer 77.32 10th W60-69
Geoff Sims 77.48
Karen Daniels 79.36
Joseph Ting 80.02 metro runner
Pam Faulks 80.12
Leanne Lee 85.12 metro runner
Ruth Baussmann 85.24
Noeline Burden 87.00
Carol Robinson 87.07
Alison Chua 89.26 metro runner
Stephanie Sims 90.22
Amanda Baussmann 92.21
Wanda Stewart 95.59
Emma Baussmann 96.18
Kris Davis 102.53
Hazel Tan 123:39 metro

... via I shall add more names if I learn of more who ran.

 Katherine finishing the City to Surf


  1. Grounds are closed, I can't see the comment box on the side, so I assume that means no training at Dickson this evening?

  2. I had a plan B but it has fallen through. So I shall run at 4:00pm as usual, and see if the lights come on at 5:30pm. I don't see why our track would be closed, it's not that wet.

  3. Given that there is no where really to run in Dickson with decent light (other than the sports field) and the closure of the sports grounds, I will do a tempo run around the lake instead. It's too much of a gamble to see if the lights come on given the website says things are closed today. Enjoy your 4pm run :o).

  4. It was wet. But the early run was OK.