Monday, 25 April 2011

a week of holidaying

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, April 25, 2011 with 3 comments
Coming Events, week 17 of year 2011:
Mon 25th5:30pmParliament House training
Wed 27th12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 28th4:00pmDickson Oval – long run
5:30pmDickson Oval - speedygeese training
Fri 29th12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 30th 8:00amMetro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
1:00pmYCRC Mills Creek
Sun 1 May9:00am YCRC Women’s Jogalong, Weston Park

I will be attempting a 100k week this week, which will be a bit tricky as we will be away for some of it, with quite a few parties and events happening. However, mild weather means no excuses! And I am going for a run now...


  1. You will do it. "Determination" is your middle name:)

  2. Ah a straight line to which the comedian says "but my first name is 'patchy'".
    Plan is M:20 (done), T:20, W:30, Th:20(Dickson), F:travelling, Sa:10 (Kiama), Su:grandchildren time =100 total.

  3. Impressive plan and it includes a "rest" day! Enjoy the grandchildren time. See you Thursday:)