Wednesday, 13 April 2011

no end in sight

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 with 3 comments
Happy Birthday Miranda 58 today!

Training at Parliament House last Monday night saw Brett, Caroline, Colin, Craig, me, Jochen, Joel, Mick C, Nadine, Neil, Tony, & Yelena head down to the lake for 3 x one mile intervals. My feet didn't like the concrete much but it was worth trying the area for a change, nowhere else at night in the vicinity can one run a straight flat mile with reasonable lighting.

Customs result 8/4
Bob Harlow 22:37
Caroline Campbell 26:00
Carolyne Kramar 32:50

High Noon Meets are coming again in 2011: here are details, click to enlarge.

 Song of the Week: "Flags", by Brooke Fraser

Tori keeping a very smiling Ruth company during Ruth's marathon.

Now that I have completed the Running Festival Half Marathon, had a couple of long runs, done an intensive gym session, and had a sports massage, and all is OK, I am about to enter the next one: the Rex Foulkes Half Marathon on 22 May. Entries are open: click here to enter; race information here.


  1. Yep,did my gym session this morning and had my massage this arvo but haven't run yet! Maybe tomorrow but I wish it was a tad warmer! However, I too will enter the Half. I think I was smiling at Nadine and Tori kept me happy at that stage:)

  2. The rain has washed Tori's number off.

    I'm penciling in the May, June and September High Noon Meets.

  3. Happy birthday to Miranda - she's catching upand will soon be in my age group - I had better run faster!