Saturday, 22 January 2011

We've poured you a beer. Where the ... ... ARE you?

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, January 22, 2011 with 2 comments

Track results for speedygeese at Vets, Thursday 20 January
W55 Noeline Burden 16.44 80.0%

M40 Damian Rutledge 56.80 83.6%
M55 Ken White 66.93 77.5
W55 Noeline Burden 84.59 73.4
W60 Maureen Rossiter 84.75 75.3

M55 Ken White 2:21.76 86.9%
M50 Rod Lynch 2:32.00 77.2
W40 Amanda Walker 2:39.39 75.0
W40 Heidi Johnston 2:39.51 73.0
M50 Gary Bowen 2:39.79 74.6
W45 Janene Kingston 2:57.59 69.1
W55 Maria O'Reilly 2:58.75 75.8
M50 Andrew Matthews 3:01.46 64.6
W55 Kathy Sims 3:07.43 76.6

3000m early event
W50 Kathy Southgate 11:14.92 91.8%
M50 Rod Lynch 11:28.10 73.7
W35 Michelle Wells 11:39.34 74.5
M60 Geoff Moore 13:00.80 71.3
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:36.08 64.9
W65 Caroline Campbell 15:19.64 83.0

3000m late event
M50 Gary Bowen 11:54.70 72.1%
M65 Geoff Barker 17:00.53 56.6

M60 Geoff Moore 21:39.24 73.7%

I had a confidence boosting run in the CapitalSummer Half Marathon this morning, enjoying tagging along with Bronia and Warrick for about seven kms while I loosened up, then picking up the pace a little. But the speedygeese highlight was Tim, running with a 10kg pack, and still getting under the 1:40 barrier.

Caroline was there too, as was Colleen on her last day in Canberra before she and William move away from Canberra to live in Mollymook.

I THINK the first two place-getters in today's Half Marathon were women. If so, I am delighted to have completed my first ever major race in fifty years of running when this has been the case, women running one and two. Go the girls!

Meanwhile that other Half Marathon is on tomorrow...

Go Bronwyn!


  1. the race actually starts at 3:45am Monday your time...6:45am Sunday Hawai'i time...

  2. Too early for me Bronwyn. I don't get up 'til 4.15 Mondays.

    Good 5000 Geoff. Good 400 from Damian too - I want him back at PH to take on Joel in the attrition sprints!