Thursday, 20 January 2011

There'll be a half marathon in Canberra in May.

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 20, 2011 with 6 comments

More from the YCRC as it swings into operation:
The YCRC is likely to commence a “Novice Half Marathon Training Group” on the second or third Saturday in February, with a half marathon incorporating the 42nd Rex Foulkes Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd May. Details and application forms within the next two weeks.

Granddaughter Liana's 8th birthday back on the 5th of January

They went rock climbing. No worries!


  1. A half marathon in late May would be awesome. Yay the YCRC.

  2. Oh dear me! That's the Sunday after the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon! Do both?

    Beautiful pic of Liana! Of course, Simon's Cat is another beauty! Nothing makes me laugh as much as these do!

  3. Kids are brave. Great cake! Even Ruth would be hard pressed to make one that good.

  4. I love the candles! I agree with LL, Simon's Cat always makes me laugh. It's good about the half in May - hopefully should be good timing after the marathon in early April.

  5. Janene: yes good on the YCRC. I ran the first and the 40th Canberra Half, many in between, the 41st too. Now I can run the 42nd as well.
    LL: the half has usually been on the same day as Sydney; this year you can run both and get it right the second time;
    Ewen: I don't know if Ruth can make a better cake than Mon can: I reckon we need to do some taste testing for at least 26 Monday nights in a row to be sure one way or the other.
    Strewth: how about it?

    There's just one more Simon's cat I know of before I head off to see if any more exist..

  6. Ah yes Speedygeoff, it was at the 40th Canberra half that we first met! I also met Ruth, Brett, Nadine, Roger, and Charlie. It all seems so long ago ;-)