Sunday, 23 January 2011

one tree many branches

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Candid Canberra #47. Neighbour's 40 year old eucalypt tree falls.
I was packing the car at 5:50am today ready to head out to Stromlo to train when I heard an ominous cracking sound, like a tree branch about to fall. Turns out it was the whole tree at the front of one of my neighbours, Chris Davey. I was watching as the tree hit the ground. These photos are taken in late afternoon after much of the cleanup had been completed, including the unblocking of their immediate neighbour's driveway. A demolished mailbox seems to be the only serious casualty. The tree would have destroyed any car, person, or animal in its path had there been any there. Luckily, no.

We have a tree out the front, larger, of the same vintage.

Footnote: just three days earlier Chris, concerned about the way the tree was leaning, had consulted a "tree expert:" who assured Chris the tree was "sturdy", would "never fall", and "only a trim is needed".

Our tree is about to get a trim, we have decided.

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  1. That's exctly why I hate eucalypt trees! We have a huge one in our backyard and I'm always afraid it will fall one day; the nasty things do that all the time! Glad no one was in the way.