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Foundations of Running #2: Endurance

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In 2011, for the speedygeese training group, I shall be trying out a four month cycle instead of the six months or twelve months cycles we have followed in the past. We are going to devote a month at a time focusing on each of four phases. This allows for more variety: we don't want to get stuck on one training phase for months at a time. And we would like to cater for new runners who can arrive at any time during the year. These new runners will be encouraged to start off doing basic aerobic endurance work, if they so wish, until in no more than three months the group will catch up and the new runners will be in sync.

These are the four types of endurance running which comprise the phases of our four month training cycle:
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Anaerobic endurance
  • Speed endurance
  • Strength endurance
Aerobic and anaerobic are important in varying degrees depending on the distance being raced. If you specialise in a particular distance you may be interested in this table:

Distance / Event
% Aerobic
% Anaerobic
200 metres
400 metres
800 metres
1,500 metres
5,000 metres
10,000 metres

Keep in mind however that very few members in the training group want to specialise. Also, I don't know how well the table translates to non-elite folks like us.

Our speedygeese aerobic endurance phase starts in February (and again in June and October). In future posts I will explain more and provide information about the training we do in each monthly phase of the cycle.

All running develops endurance of some kind or another. When you "go for a run", you could ask yourself, "Which type of endurance am I developing today"?

Result from the Pro-Am meet 15 January:
Damian Rutledge

Report from last night's track meet:
had a very good run in the 400m, about 56 seconds, which shows his 800m can improve significantly. I ran both the 3000m and the 5000m, something I "never do". So we shall see if I suffer this time! I am finding 4:20 pace comfortable, which is what I averaged in both races, but may delay by a couple of weeks any attempt to run faster. I don't want to focus on racing quite yet. And I might have to back off after tomorrow's "easy" half marathon run, we shall see.

Good luck to Bronwyn and Jodie, off to run in the Maui Oceanfront Marathon this Sunday. Actually Bronwyn is running the half marathon, and Jodie the 15k. Website:

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  1. Good idea, especially with new runners coming in all the time.

    For me, the 5000 is about 95% aerobic at the moment! Your 5000 was good - 21:39 with a 4:08 last k! You'll be under 20 in no time.