Tuesday, 25 January 2011

first day at school

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Happy Birthday Maria, 56 today.

Song of the week. "Hey Boys and Girls", by Evermore. This is a different video from the one shown here when the song was first released a couple of years ago. You can see the original at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwb3M7WACPs&feature=channel

Another grandchild starts school!
Tyler's first ever day of school. He was fine at drop off, and when I picked him up and asked him if he enjoyed his first day of school, his response was "No, it was boring." And then he proceeded to tell his teacher just precisely what was boring about it....with Tyler there is no holding back!” – Tyler’s mom.

Tyler on the left, Jackson on the right

Cyclone Tyler about to hit McDowall State School.

Training at Parliament House: Last night Nadine, Ewen & I ran early; Nadine didn’t stay, joining us for hill sprints were Andy, Caroline, Cathy N, Colin, Colleen, Joel, Kym, Mick, Neil, Ruth, Susan, Suzie, Tim, Warrick & Yelena. Last week’s dusty hill was covered with new grass but we couldn’t run on it as the sprinklers were going and there was some suspicion the water may have been of the recycled variety. So we ran four circuits which included the steepest hill; then we ran a series of attrition sprints. After ten sprints, with the last runner(s) being eliminated on each sprint, the eventual winners were (in order) Joel, Colin and Tim. Something new, we finished with a repĂȘchage won narrowly by Kym over Andy, with Warrick third.

Customs 5k result Friday 21 January:
Bronwyn Calver 23.36
Tim Calver 23.37
Carolyne Kramar 36.07

CapitalSummer Triathlon Result
32 David Baussmann 1:25.43, first M60+
39 Bob Harlow 1:28.20, second M60+
73 finishers
An historic victory for David? It's possibly his first win over Bob.


  1. Bronwy is Tim's secret Oprah-style other sister?

    56! Now that's pushin' 60 ;)

  2. Happy birthday Maria - hope you had a wonderful day. Ewen, 56 is nowhere near 60. I'm safe for a few years yet!! Oh and Dave was a very happy chappy :)

  3. Forgot to add, that's a couple of very handsome young school boys! Tyler will keep the teacher on her toes I imagine :)

  4. To look at Tyler has a lot of you in him Speedygeoff.

    Must be great to have so many Grandchildren and Geese!

  5. Hmm, Tyler needs to work on his patience if he is ever to become a great Jedi, I forsee.