Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I love daylight saving

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 with 3 comments
Training at Parliament House. A beautiful spring evening, a public holiday, and the first week of daylight saving, brought together a small group of speedygeese for the continuation of Parliament House Mondays. Running early were Ewen, Jennifer, & Katherine, who then left because they are preparing for a Half Marathon in Melbourne this Sunday. Warming up before the main session were Yanet and also the newest youngest speedygosling Thomas. In the main training session were Andrew, Damian, Emma, me, Ruth, Susan, Warrick, Yelena, and we ran 12 x 200 with a 100 jog, around the paths on the western side of the House. And we could see!!! We will do this session again Thursday as well as next Monday.

Starting again. Hopefully the training session yesterday marks the first day of this slow-coach's  return to running. I completed most of the session, albeit at a slow jog, including the warm-up and cool-down, something I haven't achieved for some time. But there will be no speed for a while yet.

Gibralta Falls
Water flowing over the Gibraltar Falls in Namadgi National Park.

We recorded in our back yard 102mm of rain in August and 105mm in September. These figures represent double the monthly averages. With more rain forecast, it looks like being a good year. If this year brings one more period of wide-spread rainfall to Canberra, we can say the drought is officially over.

When the speedygeese start up Sunday morning Stromlo Forest Park training sessions, I expect there will plenty of grass to run on. Barefoot will be an option. No shade overhead, but nice soft green grass underfoot. The plan is to begin these from 17 October, Sundays with the only exceptions the Vets Handicap days.


  1. It was a lovely afternoon. Glad you're back slow jogging again Geoff. Looking forward to the odd Stromlo session.

    Jennifer and Katherine are preparing for the half (also CJ and Ruth). I'm preparing to improve enough so I can keep up with Jennifer and Katherine on the early warm-up run.

  2. Very glad you are running again SpeedyGeoff. I look forward to joining you soon for a slow shuffle -- which is my present version of a run!! (Miranda)

  3. Thanks guys.

    And I believe Bronia & Kylie are running the marathon, as well as Warrick. I don't know who else but there are bound to be more and if I hear I will publish.