Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Candid Canberra #8

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 with 2 comments
Results: Customs 5k Friday 22/10
Bronwyn 25:44
Caroline 30:43
This week Customs reverts to its old course, except for the finish, which will be the reverse of the start and not go left up the Regatta Point hill. Yay, a flat course!

Canberra's fountain in Lake Burley Griffin. Photo by Andrew. The Customs 5k run will go past the fountain again this Friday, now that Floriade is being dismantled.

My running is back on track, at last. Bad luck though, a sinus infection is making things somewhat miserable. There's always something! I will be out at Vets tomorrow if only to cheer everybody on.

Better go, there's work to do.


  1. Does the 'old course' finish at Stage 88? If so, it's a downhill course ;)

  2. The old course: the usual course when Floriade isn't on: starts and finishes where the toilet block isn't any more. Just to the west of Stage 88.
    It usually finishes down the hill from the information centre but this week will finish up the hill from the Commonwealth Park lakes

    The new course: the Floriade course: starts and finishes on the cycle path near the archbishops entrance.

    So all courses are net flat.

    Distances vary a bit though, because Nick and Doug are pretty random about where they stick the start and finish posts.