Sunday, 31 October 2010

October Vets Handicap

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31/10/10 - O`Connor Ridge 8k
5 Debbie Cowell W50 37:32 85.9% BRONZE
6 Ruth Baussmann W60 45:57 77.0
11 Rod Lynch M50 33:25 83.1
14 Bob Harlow M60 37:14 83.1
17 Michelle Wells W35 35:59 78.7
25 Kathy Southgate W50 34:26 96.2
26 Brett Morrison M40 38:15 68.4
31 Nadine Morrison W40 39:17 73.5
41 Alan Duus M60 46:18 67.0
42 Roger Pilkington M50 39:31 71.0
44 Helen Larmour W50 38:05 84.7
45 Cathy Newman W45 39:41 79.1
46 David Baussmann M60 42:07 72.7
52 Ewen Thompson M50 48:51 58.5
55 Alan Williams M60 45:33 67.9
56 Warrick Howieson M40 42:51 59.7
63 Neil Boden M60 46:46 65.5
65 Geoff Barker M65 63:36 49.9
73 Andrew Matthews M50 39:42 70.6
75 finishers

31/10/10 - O`Connor Ridge 4k
5 Jill Pearson W50 21:49 70.9% SILVER
6 Graeme Patrick M55 18:34 76.0 BRONZE
10 Katie Forestier W40 16:30 84.5
17 Ken White M55 17:44 78.8
22 Leanne Steinman W35 23:59 56.2
28 Gary Bowen M50 17:02 77.3
31 Amanda Walker W40 21:10 65.2
34 finishers

What it's like being retired

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Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - says they're busier than ever once they have retired.

I can vouch for that.

The other common saying is, "I don't know how I found time to work".

I hope everyone enjoyed the Monthly Handicap this morning. I didn't: I was too busy to attend. Busy having a brief holiday away from it all!

The Stromlo Running Festival people have a photo taken at Vanities Crossing. With the downpours of rain we are experiencing, will it be like this again next year?


Saturday, 30 October 2010

"nothing ventured nothing gained"

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... and... "for every proverb there is an equal and opposite proverb". This one for example:
More Haste Less Speed
As you know we are speedy by name, speedy by nature. Haste is the enemy!

My word for the month of October has been the word "precautionary". The precautionary action I have taken is to not race until my training comes up to speed again. That is why you see me lurking sullenly around race venues and not competing. That is why I am absenting myself this Sunday morning, I don't want to be tempted to participate, not quite yet.

But the time is not to far away when today's heading will become applicable again.

speedygeese results from last Thursday night track:
M50 Rod Lynch 10:59.77 76.2%
M40 Damian Rutledge 11:09.22 71.2
W40 Emma Adams 11:31.19 76.6
W40 Katie Forestier 11:37.71 78.3
M50 Mick Horan 11:58.63 70.6
M40 Brett Morrison 12:00.01 65.6
M50 Roger Pilkington 12:09.43 69.5
W40 Nadine Morrison 12:11.63 72.4
W50 Helen Larmour 12:15.75 80.9
M55 Ken White 12:22.85 71.8
M50 Andrew Matthews 12:31.24 67.5
W40 Bronwyn Calver 12:58.44 68.0
W45 Kelley Flood 13:21.76 72.4
M60 Alan Williams 14:18.81 65.4

W55 Noeline Burden 16.79 77.6%

4x1500m Relay: Approximate Individual Times
M50 Gary Bowen 5.05
M50 Rod Lynch 5.09
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 5.32
M50 Mick Horan 5.37
M40 Brett Morrison 5.48
W40 Nadine Morrison 5.50
M50 Roger Pilkington 5.50
W50 Helen Larmour 6.00
W40 Heidi Johnston 6.02
M50 Andrew Matthews 6.04
M55 Graeme Patrick 6.18
W40 Bronwyn Calver 6.20
W45 Kelley Flood 6.34

M50 Rod Lynch 68.66 72.1%

28/10/10 - 5 Lap Spiral

3          Gary Bowen   M50      7:36     

4          Graeme Patrick  M55      9:02     

6          Nadine Morrison W40     8:23     

8          Mick Horan   M50      8:28     

10         Roger Pilkington M50   8:22     

13         Bronwyn Calver   W40      8:52     

15         Helen Larmour    W50      8:42     

16         Heidi Johnston W40    9:08     

18         Rod Lynch    M50      7:41     

19         Andrew Matthews M50    8:52     

24         Ruth Baussmann W60 10:21   

25         Brett Morrison M40     8:40     

30 finishers


Progress scores


1. Graeme Patrick 97

2. Gary Bowen 94        

3. Roger Pilkington 92        

5. Rod Lynch 87        



1. Nadine Morrison            93        

2. Bronwyn Calver   90        

3. Helen Larmour            84

5. Ruth Baussmann        67


Ruth warmed up for the spiral with a 10:14 1500m walk.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Mr Bincup, Mastermind contestant

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At Vets track last night, highlights included a fast 1500m PB by Rachelle in the relay, a 12:00.01 official time for Brett in the 3000m, and a fast 3000m by Damian, about 11:07. It was near perfect conditions although it did get a bit cold by the time the five lap spiral started, where Nadine blitzed the women. Also, it was good to see half a dozen Bilbys running, a couple of them are quick.

Clarke&Dawe: Mr Bincup wins a four day weekend due to his amazing knowledge of world events.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

people bumps

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Grandson Jarod sent me a riddle this week.
Q: What did the goose say when he got cold?
A: I've got people bumps!

Jarod turns ten today! Happy Birthday, welcome to the M10s!

Candid Canberra #9

Photo by Andrew. Around lake Burley Griffin, on damp mornings families of swans with their cygnets make their way out of the lake up onto the grass to feed. They get a little stroppy if you pass too close to them.

What I am reading: I have just finished "Wintersmith", now to start on “I Shall Wear Midnight.”
What I am viewing: "I, Robot", which was better than expected, I like Will Smith’s acting; I can associate with the way he felt on his own at work; and I have spent a lot of time warring with technology. Plus the movie races on at a reasonable pace, and the soppy bits are tolerable.

Tonight at track there will be Bilbys.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Candid Canberra #8

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Results: Customs 5k Friday 22/10
Bronwyn 25:44
Caroline 30:43
This week Customs reverts to its old course, except for the finish, which will be the reverse of the start and not go left up the Regatta Point hill. Yay, a flat course!

Canberra's fountain in Lake Burley Griffin. Photo by Andrew. The Customs 5k run will go past the fountain again this Friday, now that Floriade is being dismantled.

My running is back on track, at last. Bad luck though, a sinus infection is making things somewhat miserable. There's always something! I will be out at Vets tomorrow if only to cheer everybody on.

Better go, there's work to do.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Candid Canberra #7 - drain cats

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There are at least eleven well-fed feral cats who live in the drains near Woden. Photo by John Griffiths, more in a slideshow at

At training last night a few of us did the early 8k run - Brett, Nadine, Ewen, Ruth & myself; then for the main session we were joined by Abi (new), Andy, Attlee (new), Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Damian, Gareth (new), Jodie, Joel, Kym, Leanne, Marea (new), Neil, Tony, Warrick & Yelena. 22 in all. Training was the last hard anaerobic session and consisted of runs on the lower grass area of 2 x (3 mins fast, 3 slow, 2 fast, 2 slow, 1.5 fast, 1.5 slow, 1 fast, 1 slow). It was a pretty good day for running; cooling down as we were warming up. The grass could have been shorter but after we started running on it, it took us no time at all to flatten it down.

Happy birthday to: Debbie who was 51 on Sunday.

Monday, 25 October 2010

102% full

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What's on this week.
Monday 25 October
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training.
Wednesday 27 October: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 28 October: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 3000m
6:20pm 1500m walk
6:50pm 100m (D)
7:00pm 4x1500m relay
7:40pm 400m
8:00pm short hurdles
8:15pm spiral 5
Friday 29 October: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm.
Saturday 30 October: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Sunday 31 October: Veterans Monthly Handicap, O'Connor Ridge, 9:00am.

Candid Canberra #6

Corin Dam spillway. Photo by AndyM.

Weston Creek Family Fun Run, Sunday 24/10
The rivalry continues!
24 Nadine Morrison 25:40
26 Brett Morrison 26:31
103 finishers

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Three Peaks results

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All the speedygeese:
Three Peaks 26 km run Males:

50 Mick Horan M50 2.59.31
55 finishers

Three Peaks 26 km run Females:
6 Kerrie Tanner W50 2.41.48
9 Colleen Koh W30 2.47.00
12 Elle Knight W40 2.51.01
13 Kelley Flood W45 2.51.01
16 finishers

Two Peaks 20 km walk Males:
1 Geoff Barker M65 2.53.47

Two Peaks 20 km run Males:
5 James Stewart M30 1.48.13
8 Roger Pilkington M50 2.03.44
12 William Chin M30 2.08.17
16 Christopher Lang M55 2.46.36
16 finishers

Two Peaks 20 km run Females:
3 Kym Chisholm 1.48.52 great run!
16 finishers

One Peak 12 km run Females:
2 Emma Adams W40 1.02.55 another great run!
13 Caroline Campbell W65 1.28.12
19 finishers

Today's training at Stromlo Forest Park.
I included Elle in the above results because she joined us at Stromlo this morning, and along with Kelley, Mick, Ewen & me ran a session of 3 x 1k plus warmup and recoveries and cooldown, making 12k in all. Another great day for running! Just a cool southerly at the start, but we soon got warm enough. Actually, after my ten mile run yesterday, my intervals were all a bit shorter than the others as I am still not game to push the pace too much.

I had planned an anaerobic session but none of the runners who needed that session were there! So we ran kilometres instead.

Candid Canberra #5

A low rainbow in the recent rain. Photo by Ishara.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


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It was a fluffy run around west basin this morning. Here is a picture taken by another Geoff at ANU a day or two ago.

I was pleased to run the ANU/West Basin  ten mile loop today with still no pain from the injured hamstring, That's eight days in a row of running, the last six pain free. Speed will gradually pick up, if this can be maintained!

TRACK AND FIELD: speedygeese results 21st October 2010
Mile - 1609m
M50 Rod Lynch 5:45.64 73.6%
W35 Michelle Wells 6:01.98 72.1
M50 Roger Pilkington 6:10.15 69.3
M40 Brett Morrison 6:15.49 63.7
M50 Andrew Matthews 6:22.35 67.1
W40 Nadine Morrison 6:23.25 70.0
W40 Bronwyn Calver 6:55.55 64.6
M70 Tony Booth 7:05.68 73.3
M60 Alan Williams 7:39.02 61.9
W55 Cathy Montalto 7:40.53 72.3

W55 Noeline Burden 10.07 84.4%

W55 Noeline Burden 35.96 75.5%

M40 Damian Rutledge 4:59.33 75.4%
M50 Gary Bowen 5:02.79 81.7
M50 Rod Lynch 5:03.16 79.5
W40 Katie Forestier 5:31.89 77.4
M50 Roger Pilkington 5:37.61 72.0
M40 Brett Morrison 5:40.54 65.7
W40 Amanda Walker 5:44.20 73.0
M50 Andrew Matthews 5:50.10 69.4
W40 Nadine Morrison 5:54.88 70.0
W40 Bronwyn Calver 6:13.47 66.5
W40 Heidi Johnston 6:15.31 65.5
M70 Tony Booth 6:15.76 78.2
M55 Graeme Patrick 6:17.35 68.4
M60 Alan Williams 6:57.71 64.4
W55 Cathy Montalto 6:58.24 73.6
W65 Caroline Campbell 6:59.08 85.6
W60 Ruth Baussmann 7:23.13 71.5

4x400m Relay
Phil White, Rod Lynch, Robert Gerrard, Tony Booth 4:30.36
Vanessa Haverd, Amanda Walker, Katie Forestier, Gary Bowen 4:47.17
Mark Campbell, Caroline Campbell, Vicki Matthews, Ruth Baussmann 5:54.08

spiral 4 lap handicap - 1645m
1 Rod Lynch M50 5:53
3 Graeme Patrick M55 7:07
4 Heidi Johnston W40 7:08
5 Bronwyn Calver W40 6:47
6 Roger Pilkington M50 6:28
8 Nadine Morrison W40 6:40
9 Gary Bowen M50 6:04
10 Helen Larmour W50 6:34
13 Cathy Montalto W55 7:52
18 Brett Morrison M40 6:28
21 Ruth Baussmann W60 7:58
28 Amanda Walker W40 7:42
32 Caroline Campbell W65 8:24
33 Tony Booth M70 8:45
34 Katie Forestier W40 7:05
35 Ken White M55 7:51
37 finishers

Stromlo Running Festival Cross Country

Friday, 22 October 2010

post #2222

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Vets track last night was characterised by some determined racing. Everyone seemed to enjoy an evening of several medium distance races but no long ones. Amongst other things, it gave people a chance to revenge a narrow defeat in one race with a narrow victory in the next. The racing - three by ~ a mile over two hours or so - would be a good training session, if we had the time. Some even found the energy to do a quick one lap run as part of a relay. It was good to see a few people who had been injured regaining some form and being able to compete. A highlight for many was the appearance of Caroline's son Mark, who diverted at least one speedygoose from the main game, which was to do well in the spiral handicap....

Stromlo Training this Sunday
I want to repeat the invitation for runners to come out to Stromlo Forest Park on Sunday mornings for an interval session on the grass, or just to jog around and enjoy the new, improved grass track under the feet. If it's warm enough and dry enough I will venture out in bare feet this week. See you Sunday morning, 8:00am. It is possible to coax warm water out of the showers afterwards if you need to change, as I do.

Candid Canberra #4

Seen this? These are number plate scanners, used to detect unregistered cars. Seen at Dickson (fair enough!).

later, a good deal later...

Schools Challenge
At Stromlo Running Festival. Look at all that lovely green grass!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Candid Canberra #3

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BBQ Stakes result
Wednesday 20/10/2010:
First on handicap, Caroline Campbell, in 40:00 gross time
Second was Helen Larmour in 40:13.
I haven't seen any actual times for this weekly event for many weeks now, they are still not on the lunchtime running website for some reason or other.

Speedygeese dinner last Tuesday night:

Kelley, Ewen. Two of the more photogenic of the speedygeese at the dinner. Photo by Janene. Thirty people attended the dinner and had a wonderful time.

The Vets track program tonight: looks like being an interval session, 3 x ~1 mile with long breaks.

hammer LTF
800/200m walk(PH)
shot discus
200m (B)
shot discus
4 lap spiral (A)


 Candid Canberra #3. Spotted in yesterday’s Canberra Times’ Social pages, this one slipped past the editors.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

2011 Stromlo Running Festival

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The STROMLO Running Festival is now in its third year and there have been some very exciting changes to the event in 2011. STROMLO will take place in Canberra on the weekend of the 18th-20th February 2011. On-site camping and caravan facilities will again be provided for those participants seeking an unique opportunity to submerse themselves in a weekend crammed full of running, seminars, presentations, entertainment, socialising, and food and drink. Organised by Run For Your Life in conjunction with Robert de Castella and the ACT Cross Country Club, the weekend promises to build on the reputation of the first two years.

One of the changes for 2011 allows individual entry into single events over the STROMLO weekend. So if you would just like to participate in a single event, you now have that option. The all-inclusive package with camping, catering and entry into all events is still available for those looking for the complete weekend. A third option of entry into all the weekend's activities, but without camping or catering is also available. So now the choice is yours!

The second major change for 2011 is the combination of the de Castella Cross Country Invitational with the Australia Age-Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championships. This will provide a truly exciting event with $12,000 of prize money now up for grabs for all competitors in the event, including $2000 for the fastest group or club. The handicaps and rules for the event are based on your age and gender and can be found here.

Finally, there has been a small re-shuffle in the order of events with the Age-Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championships being moved to 9:30am Saturday morning, the Mountain Run setting off on Saturday afternoon and the Lightning Strike events changed to Sunday morning to allow interstate travellers more time to arrive in Canberra.

There are seven different running events to choose from over the weekend; providing variety and choice for every single runner, regardless of ability or experience. Catering will be provided on-site and will offer a selection of meals at affordable prices. All of the weekend activities will be focused around the event hub located at the world-class facilities of Stromlo Forest Park.

So whether you are looking for a great weekend away; an event to finish off your summer; or your final training preparation for the 6-foot Track Marathon – the STROMLO Running Festival is the event for you.

In 2011 the Stromlo Running Festival will offers the following events:

* Mizuno Lightning Strike 30km
* Mizuno Lightning Strike 11km
* Australian Age-Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championships (7.5km)
* Mountain Race (3.6km)
* Criterium Track Race (1.2km)
* Orienteering
* Welcome Run (6km)
* Sparke Helmore Corporate and Sporting Challenge (30 minutes)
* Primary Schools Challenge (20 minutes)
* High Schools Challenge (30 minutes)

The event will also incorporate other activities including:

* Pasta Party and Movie Night
* Festival Expo
* Gold Coast Airport Marathon lecture series on Injury Prevention, Training, and Nutrition
* Practical Training Sessions on Core Stability and Running Technique
* Affordable On-site Camping and Catering

Early bird entries will be taken from the 1st of October through to the 30th of November. Entry fees will then increase to standard entry prices from 1st December 2010 until 31st January 2011. Late entries will be taken from the 1st of February up until the event weekend, but with an additional cost as outlined below.

Camping sites for the weekend will be either as part of the all-inclusive package or at a further cost of $20 per person ($50 for a family with 2 adults and up to 6 children). Caravan sites will be available for $80 per caravan. Clubs or groups, who have more than 20 registered participants camping on-site, will receive a full refund of the combined camping payments paid as a lump sum to the club or group.

Please Note: The 'All Inclusive plus Camping and Catering' package provides entry into all events held over the course of the weekend, camping or caravan site, all meals from Friday evening till Sunday lunch and entry in the Percy Cerutty Award. The 'All Inclusive Entry' package provides entry into all events held over the course of the weekend and inclusion in the Percy Cerutty Award.
Early Bird Entry (1st October 2010 – 30th November 2010)

* All Inclusive plus Camping and Catering
o Adult - $155
o Under 20 - $125
o Family (up to four people) - $450
* All Inclusive Entry
o Adult - $75
o Under 20 - $45
o Family (up to four people) - $195
* Individual Event Entries
o Lightning Strike 30km: $40
o Lightning Strike 11km: $25
o Criterium Track Race: $10
o Age/Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championship: $20
o Mountain Run: $10
o Orienteering: $10

Standard Entry (1st December 2010 – 31st January 2011)

* All Inclusive plus Camping and Catering
o Adult - $170
o Under 20 - $135
o Family (up to four people) - $475
* All Inclusive Entry
o Adult - $80
o Under 20 - $55
o Family (up to four people) - $215
* Individual Event Entries
o Lightning Strike 30km: $50
o Lightning Strike 11km: $35
o Criterium Track Race: $15
o Age/Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championship: $25
o Mountain Run: $15
o Orienteering: $15

Late Entry (1st February 2011 – 19th February 2011)

* All Inclusive plus Camping and Catering
o Adult - $200
o Under 20 - $150
o Family (up to four people) - $500
* All Inclusive Entry
o Adult - $100
o Under 20 - $70
o Family - $250
* Individual Event Entries
o Lightning Strike 30km: $60
o Lightning Strike 11km: $40
o Criterium Track Race: $20
o Age/Sex Adjusted Cross Country Championship: $30
o Mountain Run: $20
o Orienteering: $20

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

not hurting as much

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The speedygeese dinner is on tonight! 34 is the final count.

Training last night at Parliament House: Ewen, Brett & I jogged early; so did Christopher a little later. Then for the main session we ran on the lower grass area around the cones, on time. 3 minutes fast, 3 slow, 2 fast 2 slow, 1 fast 1 slow, 30 seconds fast /slow, 1 fast/slow, 2 fast/slow, 3, 2, finally 1 for 30 minutes of training. The grass was fairly long but we soon had a path trodden out. Participating were Andrew, Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Cathy, Craig, Damian, Ewen, me, Graeme, Helen, Kym, Leanne, Maria, Mick H, Nadine, Ruth & Yelena. After jogging both Saturday and Sunday, I was pleased to run 6k+ early, and 6k+ later, without major problems. But very slow. The hamstring is not hurting as much as it was, but I must continue to be cautious.

Before we trained, Nadine was awarded her book prize for managing to be the 100,000th visitor to this blog. I could hardly give her a book about running as she works at the AIS and has a comprehensive library of sports science books. Having ascertained that her reading of literature has barely got past the early 19th century (i.e. Jane Austen), I decided I would bring her up to date by presenting her with a superior example of contemporary young adult speculative fiction; the newly released Terry Pratchett's "Wee Free Men; The Beginning" which consists of the first two of the Tiffany Aching stories: "The Wee Free Men", and "Hat Full of Sky". I expect a book review one day, Nadine!

I have read these and the third book too, "Wintersmith", and I have the fourth in the series, "I Shall Wear Midnight" which has only just been released in hardcover, but haven't read it yet.

The Customs 5k last Friday was a little damp, and as a result no speedygeese ran. And even though Floriade has finished for the year, this coming Friday the run will continue to be held on the Floriade course. It takes a while for beds to be dug up and the fences dismantled.

New photo
Graeme running at the Arboretum.

Old photo
Jenny and I on the Alpine Way, December 1970. We were 22 years old then, married, and our first child was 6 months away.

Monday, 18 October 2010

word gets around

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What's on this week
Monday 18 October: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training, which will include some anaerobic work.
Wednesday 20 October: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 21 October: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm mile
6:20pm 800m walk
6:50pm 60m
7:00pm 1500m
7:30pm 200m
8:00pm 4x400m
8:15pm spiral 4
Friday 22 October: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm, "Floriade" course.
Saturday 23 October: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Edit: also on Saturday 23 October: Mount Majura Vineyard Three Peaks 26km, Two Peaks 20km, One Peak 12km.
Sunday 24 October: Stromlo Forest Park 8:00am: speedygeese interval training session.

Stromlo Forest Park training.
Yesterday a Sunday morning speedygeese training session was held at Stromlo Forest Park for the first time. It won't take long until word gets around and the number of participants increases. Michelle had a solid session on the 1km grass circuit, running 2 x {100 fast/100 slow, 200 fast/100 slow, 300 fast/100 slow, 400 fast/100 slow, 500 fast/100 slow} plus warm up and cool down. I was able to do a light jog with my improving hamstring, while Colleen arrived later for her first visit to Stromlo and jogged around with a sore achilles but expressed her liking for the venue, vowing to return.
Despite all the rain the grass track was in good shape, not even one damp spot, few bare patches, We will be there again this Sunday morning at 8:00am, and most Sundays, but not on the 31st as there is a Vets Handicap being held on that day.

Save the Murray
This is one cause I could get passionate about, if nothing substantial is done soon to improve things in the long term.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Last Thursday night - first week of track

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speedygeese who ran (and walked) at the Vets track meet on 14 October:
1500m Walk
M65 Geoff Barker 9:45
M60 Alan Williams 9:48
W60 Ruth Baussmann 10:36
W65 Caroline Campbell 10:37

M50 Gary Bowen 1:04.41 78.4%
M50 Rod Lynch 1:09.66 71.1
W40 Emma Adams 1:10.49 75.3
M40 Brett Morrison 1:12.42 64.7
M50 Andrew Matthews 1:12.83 68.5
M55 Graeme Patrick 1:16.90 67.9
W40 Bronwyn Calver 1:19.03 67.1
M70 Tony Booth 1:20.76 75.9
W40 Nadine Morrison 1:23.21 63.8

M50 Gary Bowen 2:24.02 82.8%
M50 Rod Lynch 2:36.15 74.5
W40 Emma Adams 2:37.69 74.5
M40 Brett Morrison 2:48.99 64.1
W40 Nadine Morrison 2:52.02 68.3
M50 Andrew Matthews 2:56.05 66.6
W40 Bronwyn Calver 3:09.20 62.1
M55 Graeme Patrick 3:09.78 65.5
M60 Alan Williams 3:36.63 59.6

M50 Rod Lynch 11:06.84 75.4%
M35 Troy Steinman 11:31.81 66.3
M40 Damian Rutledge 11:34.20 68.6
W40 Katie Forestier 11:42.77 77.7
W35 Michelle Wells 11:50.59 72.8
W40 Emma Adams 11:51.79 74.4
M55 Ken White 11:56.01 74.5
W40 Amanda Walker 12:22.42 72.0
W40 Nadine Morrison 12:23.13 71.2
M40 Brett Morrison 12:26.91 63.3
W50 Helen Larmour 12:27.27 79.7
M50 Andrew Matthews 12:37.22 67.0
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:26.39 65.7
W65 Caroline Campbell 14:39.47 86.8
W55 Cathy Montalto 14:47.65 73.8
M70 Tony Booth 15:02.47 68.3
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:18.96 73.3
M60 Alan Williams 15:25.72 60.7

Leading the Moore Series
Bruce Graham 84.1%
Trevor Jacobs 79.7
Graham Burke 76.5
Ian McDonald 76.1
Rod Lynch 75.4

Susan Archer 89.9%
Caroline Campbell 86.8
Vanessa Haverd 79.9
Helen Larmour 79.7
Katie Forestier 77.7

Records are made to be broken.
Over in Sydney, Keith Bateman smashed the Australian M55 3000m record, running 9:14.27 on a VERY windy day.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Holy Bat-thermal underwear!

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With strong winds, a choppy lake, and snow falling nearby, it was COLD on this morning's run! Today's forecast seems unusual; the maximum temperature and UV index are both expected to be 12. And it's not expected to improve for a day or too. Meanwhile my cat still refuses to wake up, staying tightly curled up on a lounge room chair. Where has spring gone? This snow is a good excuse to stay indoors.

I have decided to resurrect some of the OLD photos. Here's one featuring Elaine Cooper, in a road race around Telopea Park many years ago. I think it was a 25k!
[edit:15k more likely. I will look it up.]

Here's a BRAND NEW photo: the awesome Kylie Malone and the awesome Bronia Rowe finishing the recent Melbourne Marathon.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Candid Canberra #2

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Photos by Brian Leslie, taken from Mt Stromlo during the 24 hour race. More via this link

Great performances at a perfect track first night of track last night. Bruce Graham was a stand-out as he begins his last full season as an M45. (His 50th is a fair way away yet .. January 2012). When the results come out it will be interesting to see the "Moore Series" age percentages for both men and women. And Roger made an excellent Meet Director! Full results here soon...

I am going to brave the rain this Saturday morning with the Metro Runners, and Sunday morning at Stromlo Forest Park. On Sunday the grass circuit will probably be closed because of the weather and if so we can use trails or road. There are showers there so we can change and get dry after the run. But isn’t this rain marvellous! Seeing as the ground is already saturated and most of the dams are full, a flood alert has been issued. Take care if you are down-stream from a dam!

Today is the last day to advise me whether you are coming to Tuesday’s speedygeese dinner. I will send out more information to those who are going. 

Did you notice I have replaced my interactive comment box and am trialling "ShoutBox". Hopefully the spamming we experienced was at the cBox end and not via this blog; we'll wait and see what happens with ShoutBox. An alternative could have been for me to register users in cBox but (a) that’s inconvenient, and (b) it would have cost a small amount.

Finally, a quote from Martin Pluss: "Those Bronze and Silver Medals in the marathon are Gold.


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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Michelle's trophies

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speeedygeese times in the monthly jogalong organised by the ACT Cross Country Club:
3 October 2010
Michelle Wells
W35 26:17
Nadine Morrison W40 28:15

Last night at the ACTCCC AGM, it was announced that Michelle Wells was given  "most improved female" and "winter champion" awards.

Fantastic Michelle, well done, you deserve it.

I couldn't make the meeting, but John Harding has told me that "over 80 people attended the AGM which went for 2 and half hours and there was a vigorous debate and many questions over a motion to wind up the club. The club has a legal bill to pay of $16,000 in only a week but only has $15,000 in the bank and has other bills also to pay, include Canberra Running Festival road closure fees. As legally it cannot trade if insolvent there was really no choice but to wind up, as a further bill for damages (which could be up to $100,000) is also in the offing and offers to reach a settlement with CSM were rejected by CSM. CSM demanded that the Cross Country Club support the CSM organised Canberra marathon and guarantee to provide about 200 helpers. Membership feedback to the Committee (98 people out of 100 emails) said the CCC should not support any CSM organised events in the future and there was no way the CCC can guarantee volunteers. Volunteers are by their nature volunteers, not people who can be coerced into providing a service. And the Club has spent $116,000 in the last 12 months on legal fees. Moral of the story: don't get involved with lawyers!"

According to today's Canberra Times only 5 people did not support the motion to wind up the club. I wonder who they were and what were their reasons?

As a footnote, it is ACTCCC President Doug Limbrick's birthday today. Happy birthday Doug, and thank you very much for all your hard work over the last twelve months.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel

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Tonight will see the demise of the ACT Cross Country Club, of which I am a founding member and a life member. It has been a great club; run by runners for runners. Non-profit, minimal fees, community based, inclusive, with a generous spirit. Ended because of an individual's greed and desire to control, manipulate, and profit. It's the nasty side of our society, showing what can happen when one puts self ahead of friends. However - they can take away one running club, but they can't stop us running! And it leaves a vacuum where something new and even better can emerge.

Speaking of being re-born, I am watching on ABC24 the preparations to rescue the Chilean miners. Along with the rest of the world, I am praying all goes well and all the miners and rescuers emerge safely.

Here are some recent speedygeese results: Customs 8/10 Bronwyn 24:17, Caroline 28:17. Fitzroy Falls Marathon Kelley 3:50.57. Also Louise ran 3:25.57, and Pam 3:54.49. In Melbourne Mick H ran 3:38.52, I apologise for missing his time previously.

A reminder about the speedygeese dinner, at the Phnom Penh restaurant on Tuesday 19th, 7pm. If you haven't yet RSVP'd, deadline is this Friday. So far 27 people are coming!

Birthday boy Craig running at the arboretum

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"losing ground and gaining speed..."

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"... no you haven't lost me yet"

Song of the week: "Yet", by Switchfoot.

"I'll run until my heart caves in". Jon Foreman is the singer/song writer at the front of Switchfoot.

Running at Parliament House yesterday were Andrew, Brett, Bronwyn, Cathy, Damian, me, Helen, Jodie, Katherine B (new), Kym, Leanne, Mick C & Nadine. 200 on 100 off x 12 = 4 laps of the 900m circuit again.

Coming up on Sunday mornings at 8:00am I will be training at SFP, while on the next two Mondays, weather permitting, 18/10 and 25/10, I plan to hold a session of 3-2-1-1/2-1-2-3 mins with same recovery back at Parliament House. After that, from 1 November on, we move back to longer intervals, but if there are 800m specialists attending, which I expect there will be, we will split into two groups with the second group continuing with shorter intervals suitable for 800m runners. Anyone attending can choose to do either types of training.

Lauren's 400m hurdles - not the Australian coverage, as you may notice! Show them how good you are, Lauren.

1. CCC AGM tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden at 6pm.

2. Vets Track Thursday, AIS Athletics Track, 6pm

3. Happy Birthday Craig, 42 today!

Monday, 11 October 2010

school's back

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What's on this week:
Monday 11 October:
Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training, which will include some anaerobic work.
Wednesday 13 October: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 14 October: Vets @ AIS Athletics track, from 6:00pm. See the ACTVAC website.
Friday 15 October: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm, "Floriade" course.
Saturday 16 October: I join the Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Sunday 17 October: First Stromlo Forest Park speedygeese training session, 8:00am.

speedygeese running in Melbourne, taken from the official results:
Debbie Cowell 3:07.33 [edit - Debbie may have been a DNF, I have two sources with conflicting official information. Obviously some sort of glitch in the results.]
Liz Bennett 3:32.51
Bronia Rowe 3:37.05 (5 min PB)
Kylie Malone 3:37.06 (11 min PB)
Warrick Howieson 3:56.11

Half Marathon:
Cathy Newman 1:39.42
Jennifer Bright 1:46.00
Katherine Sheppard 1:55.57
Ruth Baussmann 2:03.40

OK, Marathon's over, school's back, see you at training today. Come and jog at least, for today I am expecting two or three new or newish runners to be there whom you can jog with!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

waiting... waiting...

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I don't know many Melbourne marathon results yet. I do have a mobile number you know! But I do know Scott was the third Australian and got well under 2:20, for the first time. And Bronia and Kylie kept each other company in about 3:37.15, a five minute pb for Kylie, and an eleven minute pb for Bronia. I also know about Lauren making the final of the 400m hurdles in Delhi. All being well I will film it off the TV tonight and post it here tomorrow. Seems she's rated "about fourth" and is a medal chance. Her heat time was good and she had the luxury of being able to ease right back down the home straight. We have had Australian representatives emerge from the speedygeese before - not that we were called the speedygeese back then - and we can almost claim Lauren as one of ours because she did come out and jog with us a couple of times back long ago, when we were training at North Lyneham. We have never had anyone competing internationally who was quite as highly ranked as Lauren now is. Regardless, proud dad Neil is a current and long term genuine "speedygoose" and I may have to invoke a "father-daughter" rule so we can claim our first Commonwealth Games medallist. Let's see how she goes first! Essential viewing, just after midnight tonight Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time. Go Lauren! We are all with you every step of the way.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Candid Canberra #1

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On Wednesday (6th) going for my massage at Belconnen, I parked my car next to a ticket dispenser with this sign displaying ...

...and then I noticed the car parked on the other side of it had an infringement notice on its windscreen...

...someone is not going to be impressed by that!

Speedygeese running in tomorrow's Melbourne Marathon (or for some, half marathon):
Bronia Rowe
Cathy Newman
Debbie Cowell
Jen Bright
Katherine Sheppard
Kylie Malone
Ruth Baussmann
Warrick Howieson

Here's wishing you all a good run.

Friday, 8 October 2010

hello there in Delhi

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Training at Parliament House last night, for our final Thursday session there, were Bronwyn, me, Jodie, Joel, Nadine, Troy & Yelena. A repeat of Monday. A good challenging training session. Once again I managed to get around without worsening the injury.

Troy at the Arboretum

One of many who will be gently working their way into track racing when it all starts next Thursday.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

it gives me great pleasure

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I am pleased to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. After visiting my masseur yesterday I appear to be on the legendary road to recovery.

Here's the plan then. Twelve months injury free should see me regain some of my lost fitness. It will take at least that long I imagine.

There's no time like the present to start.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Commonwealth Games Athletics Timetable

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All dates and times are Eastern Daylight Saving time.
Australian entrants listed after their events

October 06
23:00 W F32-34/52/53 Shot put – FINAL Louise Ellery, Brydee Moore
23:10 M 100m - Round 1 Aaron Rouge-Serret
23:15 W Hammer throw - Qual A Karyne Di Marco, Bronwyn Eagles, Gabrielle Neighbour (or Qual B)

October 07
0:00 W 100m - Round 1 Melissa Breen, Sally Pearson
0:10 M Shot put - Qual A & B Dale Stevenson
0:45 W 400m - Round 1
0:50 W Hammer throw - Qual B Karyne Di Marco, Bronwyn Eagles, Gabrielle Neighbour (or Qual A)
1:25 M 5000m – FINAL Collis Birmingham, Ben St Lawrence, David McNeill
1:45 M 100m - Round 2 Aaron Rouge-Serret

15:30 M 100m (Decathlon) -
15:35 M F32/34/53 Shot put – FINAL Damien Bowen, Hamish MacDonald
15:40 M High jump - Qual A & B Liam Zamel-Paez
15:50 M T46 100m - Round 1 Gabriel Cole, Heath Francis, Simon Patmore
16:15 M Long jump (Decathlon) -
16:20 W 1500m - Round 1 Kaila McKnight
16:40 M 400m - Round 1 Joel Milburn, Ben Offereins, Sean Wroe
17:40 M T46 100m - Semi-final Gabriel Cole, Heath Francis, Simon Patmore
17:45 M Shot put (Decathlon) -
23:00 M High jump (Decathlon) -
23:10 W Hammer throw – FINAL Karyne Di Marco, Bronwyn Eagles, Gabrielle Neighbour
23:15 W 100m - Semi-final Melissa Breen, Sally Pearson
23:30 M 100m - Semi-final Aaron Rouge-Serret
23:45 W T37 100m – FINAL Jodi Elkington
23:55 W 400m - Semi-final -

October 08
0:25 M T46 100m – FINAL Gabriel Cole, Heath Francis, Simon Patmore
0:40 M Shot put – FINAL Dale Stevenson
0:45 W 100m – FINAL Melissa Breen, Sally Pearson
1:00 M 100m – FINAL Aaron Rouge-Serret
1:25 M 400m (Decathlon)

October 08
15:30 M 110m hurdles (Decathlon)
15:35 M Long jump - Qual A & B Fabrice Lapierre, Chris Noffke
15:45 M 110m hurdles - Round 1
16:05 W 100m hurdles (Heptathlon)
16:10 M Discus throw (Decathlon)
16:20 W T54 1500m - FINAL
16:40 M T54 1500m - Round 1
16:55 W High jump (Heptathlon)
17:00 M 800m - Round 1 Lachlan Renshaw
17:25 W Javelin throw - Qual A & B Kim Mickle, Kathryn Mitchell
17:35 M Pole vault (Decathlon)
23:00 M Javelin throw (Decathlon)
23:10 M 110m hurdles - FINAL
23:25 W Shot put (Heptathlon)
23:30 M 400m - Semi-final Joel Milburn, Ben Offereins, Sean Wroe
23:40 W Triple jump - FINAL
23:50 W 400m - FINAL

October 09
0:10 W 1500m – FINAL Kaila McKnight
0:30 M Hammer throw – FINAL Tim Driesen, Simon Wardhaugh
0:35 M 1500m (Decathlon)
0:50 W 200m (Heptathlon)
1:00 W 10,000m – FINAL Eloise Wellings

October 09
12:00 M 20km race walk – FINAL Luke Adams, Chris Erickson, Jared Tallent
12:15 W 20km race walk – FINAL Claire Tallent, Cheryl Webb
15:30 W Long jump (Heptathlon)
15:35 M 1500m - Round 1 Mitch Kealey, Jeremy Roff
16:05 M 200m - Round 1 Matt Davies
16:10 M Discus throw - Qual A & B Benn Harradine, Julian Wruck
16:50 W Long jump - Qual A & B
16:55 M 400m hurdles - Semi-final Brendan Cole
17:20 W 400m hurdles - Round 1 Lauren Boden
23:00 W Javelin throw (Heptathlon)
23:00 W Shot put – FINAL Joanne Mirtschin
23:15 W 200m - Round 1
23:20 M High jump – FINAL Liam Zamel-Paez
23:25 M Long jump – FINAL Fabrice Lapierre, Chris Noffke
23:40 M 200m - Round 2 Matt Davies

October 10
0:10 W 3000m steeplechase - FINAL
0:15 W Javelin throw – FINAL Kathryn Mitchell, Kim Mickle
0:25 M 400m – FINAL Joel Milburn, Ben Offereins, Sean Wroe
0:40 M 800m - Semi-final Lachlan Renshaw
1:15 W 800m (Heptathlon)

October 10
23:00 W 100m hurdles - Round 1 Sally Pearson
23:05 W High jump – FINAL Ellen Pettitt
23:15 W 200m - Semi-final
23:20 M Discus throw – FINAL Benn Harradine, Julian Wruck
23:25 M 200m - Semi-final Matt Davies
23:40 M T54 1500m – FINAL Richard Colman, Kurt Fearnley, Jake Lappin
23:55 M 400m hurdles – FINAL Brendan Cole

October 11
0:05 W 400m hurdles – FINAL Lauren Boden
0:10 W Long jump - FINAL
0:25 M 800m – FINAL Lachlan Renshaw
0:45 W 800m - Round 1
0:50 W Discus throw - Qual A & B
1:20 W 200m - FINAL
1:30 M 200m - FINAL

October 11
23:00 M Pole vault – FINAL Steve Hooker
23:05 W 100m hurdles – FINAL Sally Pearson
23:10 W Discus throw - FINAL
23:20 W 4x400m relay - Round 1 Boden, Henry, Steinert, Tauro
23:35 M 4x400m relay - Round 1 Cole, Milburn, Moore, Offereins, Wroe
23:45 M Triple jump - Qual A & B
23:55 M 3000m steeplechase – FINAL Youcef Abdi

October 12
0:15 M 1500m - Semi-final Mitch Kealey, Jeremy Roff
0:35 W 800m - FINAL
0:45 M 4x100m relay - Round 1 Davies, Groth, Johnson, Ntiamoah, Rouge-Serret
1:05 M 10,000m – FINAL Collis Birmingham

October 12
23:00 W Pole vault – FINAL Alana Boyd, Amanda Bisk, Liz Parnov
23:10 M Javelin throw – FINAL Jarrod Bannister
23:20 M Triple jump - FINAL
23:25 W 4x100m relay - FINAL
23:35 M 4x100m relay – FINAL Davies, Groth, Johnson, Ntiamoah, Rouge-Serret
23:50 M 1500m – FINAL Mitch Kealey, Jeremy Roff

October 13
0:20 W 5000m – FINAL Eloise Wellings
0:55 W 4x400m relay – FINAL Boden, Henry, Steinert, Tauro
1:20 M 4x400m relay – FINAL Cole, Milburn, Moore, Offereins, Wroe

October 14
12:00 M Marathon – FINAL Martin Dent, Jeff Hunt, Michael Shelley
12:15 W Marathon – FINAL Lisa Flint, Lisa Weightman

cotter closure

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The announcement from TAMS:
"Closed from Monday 11 October to Friday 24 December 2010 inclusive, and again from Tuesday 4 January to Tuesday 31 May 2011. Since work began on the Enlarged Cotter Dam project in December 2009, the Department of Territory and Municipal Services and ACTEW Corporation have endeavoured to maintain public access to the popular recreational areas in the Cotter precinct, including the campground. However, with a 24 hour-a-day construction schedule commencing from Monday 11 October 2010 for approximately eight months, the campground will be closed to ensure the visitor experience is not impacted by the increasing level of noise and activity. Rangers will regularly patrol the area to prevent unauthorised access"
Perfect timing I suppose for those who have trained for the Melbourne Marathon on the 10th.

Eleven year old Siobhan Buckley running 60 minutes for the Sri Chinmoy 10k on Monday. The connection is, I coached her grandfather, her grandmother, and her mother, back in the olden days. For information, Ewen, her grandmother improved enough with my training to set W35 and W40 ACT walking records. Only Lisa has since bettered some of them.

Colleen running in the same 10k race. Caroline ran too.

Customs results Friday 1/10: Bronwyn 24:16, Caroline 28.17

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I love daylight saving

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Training at Parliament House. A beautiful spring evening, a public holiday, and the first week of daylight saving, brought together a small group of speedygeese for the continuation of Parliament House Mondays. Running early were Ewen, Jennifer, & Katherine, who then left because they are preparing for a Half Marathon in Melbourne this Sunday. Warming up before the main session were Yanet and also the newest youngest speedygosling Thomas. In the main training session were Andrew, Damian, Emma, me, Ruth, Susan, Warrick, Yelena, and we ran 12 x 200 with a 100 jog, around the paths on the western side of the House. And we could see!!! We will do this session again Thursday as well as next Monday.

Starting again. Hopefully the training session yesterday marks the first day of this slow-coach's  return to running. I completed most of the session, albeit at a slow jog, including the warm-up and cool-down, something I haven't achieved for some time. But there will be no speed for a while yet.

Gibralta Falls
Water flowing over the Gibraltar Falls in Namadgi National Park.

We recorded in our back yard 102mm of rain in August and 105mm in September. These figures represent double the monthly averages. With more rain forecast, it looks like being a good year. If this year brings one more period of wide-spread rainfall to Canberra, we can say the drought is officially over.

When the speedygeese start up Sunday morning Stromlo Forest Park training sessions, I expect there will plenty of grass to run on. Barefoot will be an option. No shade overhead, but nice soft green grass underfoot. The plan is to begin these from 17 October, Sundays with the only exceptions the Vets Handicap days.

Monday, 4 October 2010

speedygeese who walk

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What's on this week:
Monday 4 October
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training, which will include some anaerobic work.
Wednesday 6 October: 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap.
Thursday 7 October: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training. **final Thursday session**
Friday 8 October: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, "Floriade" course.
Saturday 9 October: 8:00am I join Metro Runners at Acton Ferry Terminal for a short jog.
Sunday 10 October: 8:00am if it's a nice day I might go out to Stromlo Forest Park and check it out, training due to start there on the 17th.

Peter Hogan

Geoff Barker

They now walk and occasionally jog, they are out there having a go!

A grey goose walks into a bar and says "I'd like a scotch on the rocks." The bartender looks at the goose funny, but goes to get him his drink anyway. The bartender continues to look at the goose so the goose asks, " Hey, what's your deal? Why do you keep looking at me like that?" The bartender says, "Besides the fact that you are a talking goose? Well I actually have a drink named after you? The grey goose replies, "You have a drink named Geoff?"