Sunday, 21 January 2007

random thoughts

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, January 21, 2007 with 4 comments
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After several 100k weeks
1) 5k is a nice, short race.
2) Any run that is less than 3k does not count.
3) Races motivate me to train regularly. Does that mean I race to train?
4) I feel that it is important to include more hills in my runs. I can't even believe I'm saying this!
5) The half marathon distance is easy.
6) Still my weight does not change!
7) Where do the days go?
8) Friends don't let friends run alone.
9) I will never plan to run on a track only six foot wide.
10) Every list should have ten points.


  1. In many places it's only 1' wide. And, it has hills!

    12:32.97! What's she on Geoff?

  2. You will be assimilated. By mentioning it the pull has already begun. Beware the darkside...

  3. aki, that's silly. If I try to deter someone from being silly, it means I am averse to the silliness, not attracted to it.

    And if I point out that someone has been missing from training, it doesn't mean I am attracted to missing training. Quite the reverse, so don't be perverse.

    Ewen asks, what is Amanda on? My training group roll indicates, she is on a roll! She is the person who has turned up at the most training sessions recently. Simple really.

    Sensible training and sensible goals. The key to improvement.

  4. Ah, you dropped off my bloglines somehow - must've been the move. I wondered why you'd been so quiet. Then again, maybe its all the running.

    BTW, I stumbled across a namesake of yours the other day ... - great blog name!