Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Find the goose

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"Tomatoes come in big, little, medium sizes" - The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia

Change of training venue this Saturday

Selection trials for the Australian team to compete in Mombassa will be held at Weston Park in Canberra this weekend on Saturday 20 January 2007

The draft time table has been published with the following start times:
9:00am – U20 Women 6km
9:20am – Open Women 6km
9:40am – U20 Men 8km
10:10am – Open Men 8km

So instead of meeting at Aranda, we will meet at Weston Park at 8am for our training session, and watch the trials from 9am.

Find the goose.
Someone has been emailing me childish "puzzles" lately. So here's one for you, you know who you are.
Find the goose

Last Monday night
Mick C, Dennis, Alan, Amanda, Christopher, Ewen, Gary, Helen, Joel, Yelena, Katie, Ken, Mick H, Neil, Ruth & I ran 4 x 820m in teams of two, with a 400m jog in between. It was Joel and Yelena's first run with us since their wedding; and it was good to welcome back Mick and Dennis. Great to see Griffin back with us as well.

A goose with both feet on the ground. Related to me?


  1. Have the Crows invited SpeedyGeoff to run a session for them while they are training in Canberra this week??

  2. Good point Friar. I think they were a bit miffed when I suggested the name change from Adelaide Crows (AC) to Southern Geese (SG).