Sunday, 12 November 2006

Anything I can do to facilitate your velocitous extramuralisation!

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, November 12, 2006 with 3 comments
If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise. ~P.Z. Pearce (not to mention “Brindabella Classics” and “triple-tri’s”!)

How the speedy geese ran last Thursday at Vets:
Steeple 2000m
M60 Kevin Chamberlain 7:56.23 ACT RECORD
M60 Geoff Barker 10:20.97

Steeple 3000m
M45 Gary Bowen 13:55.03

M45 Colin Farlow 2:16.96 - good time first up.
M45 Amalendu Edelsten 2:20.85
M45 Rod Lynch 2:27.26 - faster than last season's best
M45 Roger Pilkington 2:40.73
M55 Trevor Cobbold 2:30.51 - recent pb
M55 Neil Boden 3:10.76
M60 Geoff Barker 3:30.79
M65 Tony Booth 3:04.33
W40 Katie Forestier 2:49.08
W45 Helen Larmour 3:00.92
W50 Maria O'Reilly 2:51.05
W55 Maureen Rossiter 3:08.54
W55 Ruth Baussmann 3:34.28 - new lifetime pb

M45 Amalendu Edelsten 10:39.05
M45 Rod Lynch 10:56.49
M45 Roger Pilkington 11:40.75
M45 Colin Farlow 12:51.53
M55 Trevor Cobbold 11:59.84
M55 Neil Boden 14:16.93
M60 Geoff Barker 14:38.88
M65 Tony Booth 14:01.47
W35 Amanda Walker 12:51.35 - pb
W40 Katie Forestier 12:27.45
W45 Helen Larmour 12:30.31
W50 Maria O'Reilly 12:20.11

M45 Richard Faulks 19:07.92
M45 Mick Horan 19:19.55
M45 Roger Pilkington 19:52.43
M55 Geoff Moore 20:30.16

"Not a cat." People name their small businesses “aardvark” to get to the front of the phone book. Of course, none of them stand out because there are so many of them.


1. How many Brindabella Classics has Alan Duus run? (Hint – a lot!)
2. Today’s “movie” is actually an episode of a television series.
3. Yesterday's movie:

Amelie - best movie ever made.


  1. Nice work in the 5000m Speedygeoff.

  2. "I'm anaspeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericumbobulation."

  3. Now that's the idea - indicate you know the answer without giving it away so that others can keep guessing..... Mon is right but of course we have the same taste in insanity..... she being my daughter and all...