Friday, 28 April 2006

What is a bilby anyway?

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, April 28, 2006 with 8 comments
We trained at Dickson mostly "off track" last night. There were bilbies everywhere and soccer players galore but bilbies and soccer balls were no obstacle to us completing three intervals of about 1.2km each around the outside of the sports fields, with up to 800m recovery in between.

Running there instead of on the 400m track seems to make it easier to push the pace, so we might repeat that session a few times in the coming months.

The Bilbies are of course the triathlon training group which meets at the track 30 minutes after we do.

Winners are Grinners

The latest Vetrunner has a very nice photo of our victorious women's 40+ relay team after setting a new Australian record in the 4 x 1500m.

Helen, Katie, Charlie & Gabe.


  1. Great photo! Glad you explained the "bilby" as a lot of o'seas readers might have a mental picture of the Dickson oval running group! Run Bilby Run!!

  2. Good photo, but what about 'team green'? Pink's a bit girly girl!

    P.S. Geoff, I may do the short cc tomorrow and give the handicap a miss - I'm scared of KT's elbows.

  3. They ran like girls :-|)

  4. I love Pink, Girly Girl Girl Power is Great!!!

    Ewen I will be devastated if you wimp out on Sunday - Cccccooooommmmeeeeee Oooooonnnnnnn!!!!!!

    No Elbows, I promise :0)

    Go Aras Go!!!!!!!!

    Oh and those 1km reps were heaps of fun last night, especially the last one where the speedy coach tried to outsprint the girls!

  5. I've finally worked out who speedygoose is. :)

  6. Me too! She gave it away!!

  7. No way Dudes, the Speedy Goose is a bloke and wouldn't be caught dead in Pink!!!!!!

    I thought the Bilby was very clever :0)

  8. Speedy Goose, mate, you're much to fast to be a girly girl runner.

    And... sorry old chap that I wimped out today. You are now permitted to call me a 'girly wuz'.