Friday, 7 April 2006

Pilkington Pacing Perfection

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, April 07, 2006 with 4 comments
Roger paced a group of runners at the track last night in the 5km ACT titles. His job was to run at 98 seconds per lap and bring the group through in 20:30. The group consisted of Helen, Maria and Katie and it turned out that two "ring-ins" tagged along, Kerrie Tanner and Brian Wenn (Brian was probably intending to pace Kerrie).

A group of six mixing it up was fun to watch. Roger was awesome, his precision pacing was like a machine, and despite the windy and wintry conditions, Helen hung on for a huge pb of 20:29, with Maria in 20:44 and Katie in 20:52 also running track pbs and getting under the 21 minute mark. Not only did Helen reverse the finish order of last Sunday's 5k fun run (where Katie just pipped Maria and Helen), but she finished ahead of Kerrie for the first time ever and so took out the W45 championship. Well done Helen, your first even pace run and a great victory. Well done Roger Pilkington for making it possible with perfect pace.

Marathon outlook - cold cold cold. Forecast - "Sunday Local frosts. Fine. Min 3 Max 19". Don't worry, Canberra forecasts are never correct, and they change every day.


  1. That alliteration tells me you were impressed Geoff. Well done everyone - esp Helen on the gold.

    I have a feeling this forecast will be correct. Pefect weather for ballooning.

  2. 'Pefect', now that's a new word I didn't know, is that a ballooning term?

    Yes, Roger is a perfect timing pacing machine and a big thankyou to him for pacing us last night.

    And to the coach who has been there for us every week helping us with our 'Pace Judgement', calling out our spilts and for all your advice and support.

    Helen had a fantastic run in horrible conditions, I can't wait to see how she goes on a good day.

    And Good Luck to you SG pacing your 4 hour group in the Marathon on Sunday morning and to all the other Marathoners - including Roger (Chief Pacer) and Gary (Lap Scorer and Cheer Squad) - Have a great run.

  3. Was it Ford Pefect who said "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so"?

    Some runners have said "I just can't wait for the marathon to start." I say "I can't wait for it to finish".

    Pizza at the finish line at 11am. That would be pefect timing.

    I had better stop dribbling on and save it for the run.

    Strewth would say "two more sleeps". I say "one more sleep, three more naps"

    I had better get napping.

  4. Have a great run on Sunday Geoff. I'll be looking out for you and your 4 hour pace group. Hope to catch up with you at the start or finish.