Wednesday, 16 June 2010

wow indeed

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 with 5 comments
Results Queensland Half Marathon 6 June:
Geoff Moore 1:34.56 (2nd M60)

The end in sight with the clock ticking fast towards my A-goal of 95 minutes. Can I make it?

Results Christchurch Marathon 6 June:
Janene Kingston 3:37.51

It looks very cold but the gloves have been discarded, is the pace hotting up towards the finish?

What I am reading: "The Man Who Knew Too Much". My third G.K.Chesterton book in a row, I am quite hooked.

Reading Backlog: I have cleared most of my email backlog, only 120 emails to go! Please bear with me if you are waiting for me to do something.

What I am watching: "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", by Terry Gilliam. Everything he has made since "12 Monkeys" has been rubbish, and it's good to see such a brilliant return to form. Of interest is that Heath Ledger, who plays a major role, died during production and three other actors were used for his part in the latter half of the movie, with some rewriting of the script along the lines of "wow you look different". Also this red blooded male enjoyed watching red headed Lily Cole, a lovely actress looking not unlike Amy Pond. Wow indeed!

Happy birthday David Baussmann 60 today
Also happy birthday to my niece Heather Lowes, 21 today!


  1. The gloves came off after the start, but had to go on again at the 35 km point as I had lost sensation in lowers arms and hands! Twas a tad cold .....

  2. What did the 1st place getter in your age group do it in SG?

    Congratulations, always nice to get ones goal time ;)

  3. Queensland Half Marathon M60 results 1. John Sheer 1:29.45, 2. me 1:34.56, 3. Barry Euler 1:40.29. I was 106th in the field. My good friend Ron Vines won the M65 division, 1:39.18

    My three halves this year, 95:44, 95:41 & now 94:56. No complaints, they are getting faster.

    I was warming up psyching myself up to win the M60s when I saw John Sheer emerge from the start area. I greeted him and after that I was warming up psyching myself up to come second in the M60s...

  4. Well run Geoff. And Janene I never took my gloves, arm warmers or beanie off last weel. I felt hot though.

  5. Great result speedycoach - well done. Great piccies too. Congrats too to speedyjanene. You're both looking so good (in spite of Janene having no feeling in her hands and arms - brrrrr)!!