Thursday, 17 June 2010

wintry weather at last

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, June 17, 2010 with 3 comments
Today's planned training session at Dickson has been cancelled owing to the weather. All ACT sports-grounds are closed, which means there wouldn't be any lights. Anyway, it is wet cold miserable dark and windy.

How to choose an event
Inspired by Ewen - see his excellent post here ... explaining why the 5k will be his major focus in the foreseeable future.
Ewen's table
Marathon5k100 metresOlympic Tri
Like racing it2945
Like the training61054
Good at it2532
Friends do it7712
Emotional attachment6922
... I have created my own table similar to his.
My version of the table
15003k/5k10kHalf MarathonMarathon
Like racing it?98798
Like the training?66642
Good at it?86546
Friends do it?57101010
Emotional attachment23234
Which does not seem to be of much help.

Queenslanders are strange
A sign on our way out of Brisbane: "Warrego Wines, open 5 days, Thurs - Sun"

"Customs" could be a little cold on Friday but I plan to run it. See you there.


  1. Training cancelled = :-( BOM says the rain will subside later today. Without suitable lunch time running attire, I guess it will be the streets of Gunghalin this evening ...

  2. It looks like BOM got it right.

  3. I'll stay by the fire :)

    The results for your table are hilarious. Only a statistician could have come up with that. Surely as the 4:30 kilometre expert you are a better half marathoner than marathoner?