Friday, 25 June 2010


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Thursday night attendees at Dickson: Alan, Brett M, Bronwyn, Craig, me, Heidi, Marlon, Michelle, Nadine, Roger, Susan & Troy. We ran 8 x 220m in relay teams of 3 with a 200m recovery jog. Slightly faster than a jog in my case as Troy & Michelle are speedier than speedy and they are who I was teamed with. Before the speed session I went for a long run and met up with Kathy Southgate and jogged with her (at her jogging pace anyway) for a short while; later I met up with Rae Wells and ran a few kms with her; and in between I ran up Mt Ainslie. So it was quite a busy session in all.

Miranda and Andy have spent two weeks walking from west to east across England - 330k! Miranda sent this post card, "I'm afraid these are ducks instead of geese!" she says.

Resident ducks at Whitby Abbey. Card slightly mangled by British Post Office. Still, can't complain, it arrived within the month.

Another globe trotter, Rae Palmer, is due to return from France today - and today is also Rae's 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Rae, welcome back!

Here's the plan for training at Parliament House in the next few weeks. There is just one more week of speed-endurance, then in July we move to hill sprint sessions which everyone will do. In August then I plan to divide the training into two or perhaps three groups depending on who participates. Let's see a big turn-out so that I can enjoy the challenge of having three separate groups to monitor at the same time! The groups will be (a) those looking at 800m as their primary track event, (b) those looking at distances around 3k/5k, and (c) those whose main goals are half marathons or longer. Of course many will have other distances or events as their focus; I am sure from week to week one of the groups will suit you. Some might have no actual focus but will want to excel in "everything", talk to me! Meanwhile I plan to send out a quick survey to everyone to see what if any group(s) they would prefer to be part of. And if you nominate for a group to train with it doesn't mean you have to compete at that distance all the time or even part of the time.

Today I will be jogging at Customs there's a pack run only, which is why I pushed the pace yesterday in training; late night tonight (Go Portugal!) so tomorrow I will wag Acton but plan to run at Symonston if I'm not too tired/busy; Sunday I plan to revert to the long handicaps starting wih my favourite course, Mt Ainslie 9.3k! All part of fast tracking to fitness and I am most content with progress so far. Hope you are the same, see you soon!


  1. I'd like to excel at the 5k.

    Her jogging pace is my hard tempo run pace!

  2. She was doing some interval 200s after her warm-up. Moi made sure I was a long way away when she did so.