Tuesday, 22 June 2010


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Last night's Parliament House training attendees: Andrew, Bronwyn, Caroline, Christopher, Colleen, Ewen, Helen, Jennifer, Jodie, Nadine, Neil, Ruth, Tony & Warrick. Ewen and I ran early (in fact I totalled over 20k for the day, it's good to get back into it) then we ran a 20 minute session of our favourite "Rose Garden 200m" runs on a sandy slightly downhill track with an undulating recovery of about 260m. In due course I will publish who trained while I was away and what the training was... but I can tell you I didn't train, I was very slack.

I am tightening up my training pattern to try and get more long days and more speedy days! And for the first time since I started running in 1962, my training week will start on Wednesdays. Reason being, Tuesday will be a day off unless I have to catch up a missed day.
Here's the plan:
Wednesday speed (BBQ Stakes, a time trial)
Thursday long (with Dickson training)
Friday speed (Customs tempo run over 5k)
Saturday long (two or three runs if necessary)
Sunday speed (race when on, or 1km/2km intervals)
Monday long (with Parliament House training)
Tuesday rest, catch-up if I missed a day. If I do miss a day I can move each session to the next day for that week. For example if I were to miss out on Friday's tempo run then on Saturday I would race, Sunday run long, do the Monday session fast, and go out for a long run on the Tuesday. Currently if I miss days I haven't been able to catch up.

The total distance I will target for is 100k per week. You should see some improvement soon if I can stick with it. It will be a challenge, especially on freezing Canberra winter days, but still achievable.

Recent Customs 5k results to be improved on.
28 May
Geoff Moore
Jennifer Bright 21:42
Bronwyn Calver 24:14
Colleen Koh 24:20 first run
Caroline Campbell 26:25
Sharene Hurnen 31:28
4 June
Jennifer Bright 21:42
Bronwyn Calver 23:49
Colleen Koh 24:04
11 June
Bronwyn Calver 24:03
Caroline Campbell 26:16
18 June
Geoff Moore 23:00
Bronwyn Calver 23:22
Colleen Koh 23:55
Caroline Campbell 27:13

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  1. Looks like a plan that will suit you and the demands of supervising a large flock of geese.

    Personally I was hoping you'd stick to being slack for a while with 23ish 5ks so I might notch up a rare victory. The last one was in 2007!