Thursday, 26 March 2015

Where we went 5 June- Edinburgh to Newcastle to Denton

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After morning tea at the Falkirk wheel (see previous post), we took the train from Falkirk to Edinburgh, and from there straight to Newcastle along the East coast.

At Newcastle station we met up with Gail, a long lost second cousin of Jenny's dad. Her neighbour’s son who owns a few taxis, showed us the sights of  Newcastle for some hours. A few of many photos are below. The statue is Sir Bobby Robson,  a local football hero. The taxi driver actually drove us into the football ground. Very proud of their local team, they are. Sir Bobby never actually played for Newcastle but as a boy was inspired by their team.

Then the taxi driver took us out of Newcastle to Denton, and Gail's home, which was to be our base for the next couple of days.

It was still some hours before sunset, we were a fair way north in June, so we had time to tour, taking in the angel of the north (later I discovered there's a replica in Canberra near the art gallery) and a bit of Hadrian's wall in suburban Denton around the corner from Gail's home.

So many sights each day, and so much more we would have liked to have seen!


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