Friday, 6 March 2015

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Dog Park training
Monday 9th being Canberra Day, there may be lots of activity around Parliament House.
So as is our custom, we shall meet at the Yarralumla Dog Park on that day.
Its location is on Banks Street, at the end nearest Weston Park.
4:30pm for an early, long, easy run; optional.
5:30pm for a warm-up run before interval training on grass.

Group dinner
On Monday 16th, after speedygeese training at Parliament House, we will have our next group dinner.
Southern Cross club - Yarralumla Yacht Club
Meet us there from ~ 6:45pm if you won't be at training first.
We will be ordering over the counter.
If it is a warm evening we will be out on the balcony.
No need to book, anyone can come along, including children.

Blog slide show
You may have noticed I have added many more slides to the slideshow at the head of this website. More to come.

Dickson training
We will resume Thursday training sessions at Dickson oval on 9 April, the Thursday after Easter (but before the marathon). I plan to attend each Thursday, meeting at 5:30pm. If there is interest in an early Thursday run, I may be able to do that as well. Mondays at Parliament house will continue regardless.

Down the coast
I will be heading down the coast today, to stay in Jamberoo with some of the granddchildren for a few days over the long weekend. It's almost the coast. But I am planning to check out the Shellharbour Parkrun while I am there, with a view to seeing if I can get a group of us to go down sometime for a day or two away. It's not a fast course but it's very scenic. Part of the run is on the beach, and there's a climb or two. I don't think there's a swim section, I will let you know. Miranda had the W60 record there for a while, I might get to see her while we are there, and maybe pace her to regain the record?


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