Wednesday, 25 March 2015

speedygeese training

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Sunday: Dave came out to Stromlo with me and ran some 400s with a 400m return jog.
Sunday training will continue at Stromlo at 7:30am despite the mornings getting colder!
Training on the grass there is better than the road.
I am thinking of going out there Wednesday Tuesday, whenever late mornings/lunch time as part of my winter routine, in addition to the Sundays..

Monday: Four of us ran early at 5:00pm.
Ruth, Marie, Julia and I ran down to Yarralumla Bay and back.
In future (starting this Monday) I plan to arrive before 4:30pm and run up to 8k.
So in winter we get in a run while it is still light and less cold. I feel the cold these days!
A longer run is better.
I will move the car before the main session at 5:30pm.
I won't have to rush away after training!

Sixteen of us ran at 5:30pm
We warmed up then ran a session of 12 x 150m with 100m/50m alternating recoveries.
Actually everyone lost count, but that's approximately what we did.
Participating were Andrew, Angela (new), Azrianne, Christopher, Ewen, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Julia, Marie, Nicole, Peter, Pieta, Ruth, and Vanessa with me looking on.
In future the main session remains at 5:30pm and the venue the same, meeting in the underground car park at Parliament House..

Be prepared! Plan ahead.


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