Friday, 27 March 2015

In my post on 17 March I described the AST% and gave the formula


More convenient might be the calculator at:

The calculator gives not only the AST, it gives an age graded result too. For example, my recent 22:19 on the road is equivalent to a young man's 17:00. So 22:19 is not all that flash, given that I have a 15:10 PB and 17:00 is hardly close to that.

You also see the age standard and the related factor it used for working out the AST.

I note that the factors are date stamped 2010, the same as we use in the Veterans Athletic Club. I also note there are new factors available, presumably a beta version, dated 2015. As I have anticipated for some time, a big job is coming up for the Vets webmaster (i.e. me) to bring the factors on our website up to date.

Try it:; select a distance and enter a time and see what you get.

In any event........ 


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