Tuesday, 31 March 2015

speedygeese race results

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Thursday 26 March ACTVAC Track
M55 David Clarke 11:55.97 73.8%
W55 Helen Larmour 12:30.87 83.6
M55 Roger Pilkington 12:48.07 68.8
W60 Kathy Sims 12:52.29 91.3
M65 Geoff Moore 13:24.04 71.8
W60 Ruth Baussmann 16:21.40 72.9
W65 Margaret McSpadden 16:56.02 75.1

Friday 27 March Customs 5k
Bron Sparkes 23:41
Peter Thomson 23:59
Bronwyn Calver 25:31
Bill Arthur 26:45
Caroline Campbell 31:09

Saturday 28 March 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #153
34 Nadine Morrison 22:57 W45
79 Bron Sparkes 27:57 W35
81 Dom Sparkes 28:16 M10
95 Ruth Baussmann 29:17 W60
182 finishers

Saturday 28 March
5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #110
22 David Clarke 19:55 M55
35 Peter Thomson 21:25 M50
75 Ewen Thompson 24:20 M55
132 Pieta Smith 28:08 W40
153 Tracey Robinson 29:58 W40
180 Leonie Doyle 32:49 W45
248 finishers

Saturday 28 March 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #76
35 Julia Anderson 22:12 W40
38 Janene Kingston 22:39 W50 New PB!
46 Geoff Moore 23:15 M65
98 Margaret McSpadden 29:33 W65
150 finishers

Sunday 29 March ACTVAC Handicap, Stromlo Forest Park
12 Craig Davis M45 39:58 63.1%
25 Mick Charlton M60 46:12 62.2%
28 Janene Kingston W50 42:05 69.4%
40 Rod Lynch M55 32:05 83.2 12
44 Margaret McSpadden W65 52:11 69.6%
45 David Clarke M55 35:16 76.6%
52 Gabrielle Brown W50 42:33 69.5%
53 Peter Thomson M50 35:30 74.7%
61 Mick Horan M55 41:22 64.5%
62 Maria O'Reilly W60 39:59 81.5%
64 Helen Larmour W55 40:50 75.8%
74 finishers
8 Jill Pearson W55 20:44 73.9%
12 Cathy Montalto W60 21:04 77.5%
42 finishers

Monday, 30 March 2015

Song of the week.. He’s gonna step on you again.

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By The Party Boys. From https://youtu.be/8eJXRj_sAZY
Australians sure knew how to rock in the olden days.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

It's Sunday afternoon already?!

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Announcing the April Abs challenge

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The April Abs challenge

It's back to strength training as winter approaches.

I have declared April to be the Abs challenge month, and will try to follow the 30 day program set out in http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/30-day-abs-challenge/. See the videos for the exercises. Note the difference between “sit-ups” and crunches. How hard is a plank going to feel straight after the other abs exercises? A short rest in between each type of exercise might well be called for. Who is in? I have about five takers already as I type this. Who can last the longest? 
Here is the program but check out the link 

A good plan would include a warm-up first and some stretching after.

Friday, 27 March 2015

In my post on 17 March I described the AST% and gave the formula


More convenient might be the calculator at: http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup06.html.

The calculator gives not only the AST, it gives an age graded result too. For example, my recent 22:19 on the road is equivalent to a young man's 17:00. So 22:19 is not all that flash, given that I have a 15:10 PB and 17:00 is hardly close to that.

You also see the age standard and the related factor it used for working out the AST.

I note that the factors are date stamped 2010, the same as we use in the Veterans Athletic Club. I also note there are new factors available, presumably a beta version, dated 2015. As I have anticipated for some time, a big job is coming up for the Vets webmaster (i.e. me) to bring the factors on our website up to date.

Try it: http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup06.html; select a distance and enter a time and see what you get.

In any event........ 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Where we went 5 June- Edinburgh to Newcastle to Denton

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After morning tea at the Falkirk wheel (see previous post), we took the train from Falkirk to Edinburgh, and from there straight to Newcastle along the East coast.

At Newcastle station we met up with Gail, a long lost second cousin of Jenny's dad. Her neighbour’s son who owns a few taxis, showed us the sights of  Newcastle for some hours. A few of many photos are below. The statue is Sir Bobby Robson,  a local football hero. The taxi driver actually drove us into the football ground. Very proud of their local team, they are. Sir Bobby never actually played for Newcastle but as a boy was inspired by their team.

Then the taxi driver took us out of Newcastle to Denton, and Gail's home, which was to be our base for the next couple of days.

It was still some hours before sunset, we were a fair way north in June, so we had time to tour, taking in the angel of the north (later I discovered there's a replica in Canberra near the art gallery) and a bit of Hadrian's wall in suburban Denton around the corner from Gail's home.

So many sights each day, and so much more we would have liked to have seen!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

speedygeese training

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Sunday: Dave came out to Stromlo with me and ran some 400s with a 400m return jog.
Sunday training will continue at Stromlo at 7:30am despite the mornings getting colder!
Training on the grass there is better than the road.
I am thinking of going out there Wednesday Tuesday, whenever late mornings/lunch time as part of my winter routine, in addition to the Sundays..

Monday: Four of us ran early at 5:00pm.
Ruth, Marie, Julia and I ran down to Yarralumla Bay and back.
In future (starting this Monday) I plan to arrive before 4:30pm and run up to 8k.
So in winter we get in a run while it is still light and less cold. I feel the cold these days!
A longer run is better.
I will move the car before the main session at 5:30pm.
I won't have to rush away after training!

Sixteen of us ran at 5:30pm
We warmed up then ran a session of 12 x 150m with 100m/50m alternating recoveries.
Actually everyone lost count, but that's approximately what we did.
Participating were Andrew, Angela (new), Azrianne, Christopher, Ewen, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Julia, Marie, Nicole, Peter, Pieta, Ruth, and Vanessa with me looking on.
In future the main session remains at 5:30pm and the venue the same, meeting in the underground car park at Parliament House..

Be prepared! Plan ahead.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

speedygeese race results

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Tuesday 17 March AMRA Black Mountain Run-Up 2.6k
27 Caroline Campbell 24.08

Tuesday 17 March YCRC Summer Series #8 Stromlo Forest Park 5k
19. Peter Thomson M50 21:40
26. Maria O'Reilly W60 22:24
27. David Clarke M55 22:28
34. Geoff Moore M65 23:21
38. Julia Anderson W40 23:59
40. Sarah Pau W40 24:10
42. Gabrielle Brown W50 24:21
43. Ewen Thompson M55 24:46
58 finishers

Thursday 19 March ACTVAC Track
M50 Colin Farlow 2:19.71 85.4%
M55 Roger Pilkington 3:23.68 60.0

M55 David Clarke 20:01.92 75.7%
W55 Helen Larmour 21:24.80 83.4
M65 Geoff Moore 22:01.17 75.2
W60 Kathy Sims 22:16.68 90.0
M55 Roger Pilkington 22:26.10 67.6
M55 Ewen Thompson 23:57.17 63.8

Friday 20 March Customs 5k
Peter Burke 20:56
Bronwyn Calver 26:02
Bill Arthur 28:03
Caroline Campbell 32:33
24 finishers

Saturday 21 March 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #152
176 finishers

Saturday 21 March 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #109
14 David Clarke 19:53 M55
76 Ewen Thompson 26:18 M55
135 Pieta Smith 29:30 W40
265 finishers

Saturday 21 March 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #75
28 Julia Anderson 22:13 W40
32 Geoff Moore 22:19 M65
35 Nadine Morrison 22:44 W45
83 Miranda Rawlinson 26:58 W60
112 Brett Morrison 29:53 M45 New PB! (pushing twin stroller)
117 Kayla Anderson 30:24 W14
171 finishers

Sunday 22 March Weston Creek Half Marathon
47 Peter Burke M40 1:35.06
63 Liz Bennett W50 1:42.43
67 Maria O’Reilly W60 1:43.57
81 Roger Pilkington M55 1:51.23
100 Tori Hennig W55 2:00.20
101 Kelley Horan W50 2:00.21
112 Bill Arthur 2:03.28
119 Ruth Baussmann W60 2:09.14
131 finishers

21-22 March CBR100
Peter Thomson ran the 50k

Leonie - feeling on top of the world

Post race Pieta

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Troubles, Northern Ireland

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What was it like to be a teenager in the 1980s in Northern Ireland? U2 have made a short film on this subject, to the sound of "Every Breaking Wave", and their video clip of the song might indicate the flavour of the film. Full of passion; dealing with conflict; it makes for a sensational video clip.

Song of the week: "Every Breaking Wave", by U2, from the album "Songs of Innocence"

From https://youtu.be/iYVEik7Lvc4

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A great morning for a run

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This morning I had an easy training run, seeing as how I have raced three 5km races in 8 days.

For those running in the Weston Creek Half Marathon, it was an excellent morning.

Peter Burke

Kelley Horan and Tori Hennig

Ruth Baussmann

Liz Bennett

Maria O'Reilly

Photos by Kerrie

Saturday, 21 March 2015

tish boom

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Friday, 20 March 2015

It's not complicated

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Just do it.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

catching up - Central Curtin pictures

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Margaret the second.

Jen chat. Andy.

More Jen chat. Poor Andy.

Margaret the first.

Thommo, Andy, Ewen, Jen.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

speedygeese training report

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Monday afternoon was pleasant for running in Canberra.

At the 5:00pm run were Miranda, Ruth and I; then at 5:30pm after our warm-up we went down towards old Parliament House and ran zig-zag relays, with Alex, Andy, Christopher, Colin, Dan, Diana, Ewen, Garry, Isaac, Julia, Marie, Miranda, Nicole, Peter, Thommo, Pieta, Ruth, Susan & Warrick taking part, and Jen fresh from the six foot track taking photos, and me supervising the runners.

Afterwards - a dinner at the Yacht Club with 17 participants. It was not too cold so we were outside on the balcony eating out fish and chips, burgers, squid or whatever.

Runners at Parliament House - Warrick teaming with Andy

There are more of these photos by Jen on the speedygeese Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/speedygeese/

Marie at the Yacht Club

CJ's triathlon on the weekend

And Bron multi-legging it in the Jindabyne multi-sport event

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Results: and explaining the age/sex adjustment (AST)

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After Saturday's Gungahlin parkrun, I was delighted to see a Facebook post from Chilli Man which highlighted Kelly Varey's great run for second place over the line and first based on AST, and which mentioned that I was third on AST.

For those not in the know, AST% is a very simple formula which enables performance comparison across all ages and both genders.

The formula is "MY AST = WORLD BEST TIME / MY TIME * 100" where world best is a figure for one's age and gender, usually in five year age ranges but can be for single years.

I reversed the formula to see what time I needed to get the same AST as Kelly:
"NEW GOAL TIME = WORLD BEST * 100 / Kelly's AST"

Of course you don't need to know or calculate what "WORLD BEST" is; eliminating that, the formula reduces to
and the result was, I had to run 20:50 to achieve her AST. This is slightly more achievable than the sub 20 goal I have had for a long while now. Both goals are not impossible.

The parkruns always show ASTs but I have not been showing them when I record parkrun results here, let alone taking any notice of them up until now.

Latest speedygeese results:
Monday 9 March AMRA Mt Rob Roy 25 km
28 Leonie Doyle W45 2.53.41
31 Peter Thomson M50 2.57.51
42 finishers

Tuesday 10 March YCRC Summer Series #7 Black Mountain Peninsula 5k
9. Jennifer Bright W35 20:59
17. Geoff Moore M65 24:08
20. Julia Anderson W40 24:40
22. Ewen Thompson M55 24:51
25. Vanessa Palmer W40 25:32
26. Gabrielle Brown W50 25:35
28. Sarah Pau W40 25:47
44 finishers

Thursday 12 March ACTVAC Track
M50 Colin Farlow 4:54.49 84.0%
M50 Dale Moore 5:13.53 78.9
M55 David Clarke 5:35.69 75.6
W55 Helen Larmour 5:55.35 83.1
W60 Kathy Sims 6:06.95 90.3

M55 David Clarke 11:38.89 75.6%
W55 Helen Larmour 12:29.51 83.8
W60 Kathy Sims 13:47.84 85.1
W60 Ruth Baussmann 16:19.81 73.1
W65 Margaret McSpadden 17:07.21 74.3

M55 Roger Pilkington 22:23.04 67.7%

Friday 13 March Customs 5k
Peter Burke 21:54
Peter Thomson 22:25
Bronwyn Calver 26:39

Saturday 14 March 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #151
64 Bron Sparkes 25:41 W35
73 Thea Zimpel 26:26 W30
198 finishers

Saturday 14 March 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #108
21 David Clarke 20:02 M55
25 Peter Thomson 20:13 M50
46 Ewen Thompson 22:38 M55
237 Nicole Robinson 35:57 W40 New PB!
306 finishers

Saturday 14 March 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #74
33 Geoff Moore 22:37 M65
34 Julia Anderson 22:40 W40
36 Janene Kingston 22:52 W50 New PB! 
42 Gary Bowen 23:42 M55 Happy Birthday Gary!
119 Margaret McSpadden 29:06 W65
202 finishers
My splits were 4:35, 4:32, 4:30, 4:28, 4:22.

Saturday 14 March Six Foot Track
565 Jen Bright 5:42.38
835 Cathy Montalto 6:44.06
874 finishers


1. As you can see from the formula, AST% cannot be negative, no matter how long you run for.

2. However AST% can exceed 100% - provided you beat the world best!

3. World best factors are smoothed- so the world best might actually differ slightly from a time which gives you 100%.

Monday, 16 March 2015


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Song of the week: A brand new song from Mumford & Sons – "Believe"

From https://youtu.be/dW6SkvErFEE

Taken from Mumford and Sons' new album "Wilder Mind" which will be released on my birthday!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nathan on keys with James Morrison!!!

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My son Nathan on keys - you can see him at the end of this short news item!
The YouTube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-y6fPNaN5A 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The YCRC 2015 Winter Program is now available

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From the YCRC President:
"The full YCRC program for 2015 is now available [here] on the website. Hard copies are also available at our runs and other venues such as the Runners Shop and Kingston Physio. Thanks to those who provided input to the review of the winter series. As a result we have reduced the length of the season and are conducting fewer events. All 12 events are included for the senior Distance Runner of the Year award, with the best 8 results to count. The junior award will be the best 6 out of the 10 designated events. As there can be late changes to venues and other arrangements, please check the website closer to the event and don't rely solely on the initial publication, particularly later in the season. We will be requiring volunteers to help at these events. If you are able to do so, and in particular if you are prepared to be a race manager for one of our runs, please contact David Osmond."