Saturday, 5 May 2012

“well, I’m overseas a lot…”

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Clarke&Dawe from

“subject to very rigorous preconception”. “Misusing cabbages”. “Been living in Maroubra, not Mars”. “your left back door is buggered, but if you keep it in third I think you'll make it home”. This is brilliant parody.

Do you drink too much? It is only a new idea that people should drink large volumes of water when they exercise. I have always thought it crazy for example that there should be drink bottles at the end of pool lanes for people swimming laps.
This article though could have made it clearer if/when it was talking about sports drinks or just plain water or both.

Saturday's run at Acton was attended by Justine, Ruby (new), me, Susan, Riki, Zainab, & Andy. And Craig's car. This may well be the last time we meet at Acton Ferry Terminal: we might shift permanently to the Parkrun event. I will email the regulars and let them know.

As a mathematics graduate I find this somewhat amusing:

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  1. Yes, I've heard that. Plain water. Sports drinks (esp those with sodium) shouldn't be so bad although the recommendation now is to drink to thirst. If you're thirsty drink, if not, don't. Funny thing, Gordon Nightingale collapsed after the finish of 6' and at the hospital they said it was from drinking too much coke!